Pioneer SE-MJ722T-T – Cheaper On Black Friday

Holidays are coming, as well as the annual Black Friday sales that cause complete chaos in the USA. If you are planning to pack yourself with presents for your relatives or close ones, then this is the perfect time to do it and not spend a fortune.

Deals and good offers are waiting on every corner, so you’d better choose and orientate yourself from now what you want to get because the task of ordering and delivering may take time. If you happen to have friends that love music, then the Pioneer SE-MJ722T-T headphones are the perfect choice for a present. These speakers offer good quality base, cool and beautiful design with a deep and pure-sounding base. With the type of looks, performance and $50 price, they aim at the youth and do it perfectly!


Pioneer has made no secret that these are built for playing bassy club classics not complex, multi-layered tracks, and they’ve definitely styled nice! Weighting 420g surely doesn’t make them the lightest headphones out there, but the 40mm cushioned driver unit makes them sit comfortably on your ear and the ergonomic style ensures that they’ll not irritate or make you feel them while wearing. The extra padding that has been added is a good feature, considering the weight and therefore they feel durable, comfortable and look amazing for headphones this cheap. They have also the ability to fold, so that you can easily and safely put them in a bag or a pocket while traveling.

The design comes in four colors, all of which are performing the same and don’t have any difference in terms of hardware and performance – just the price may vary, depending on which color appeals to you the most. What I always search in a pair of headphones is that they must feature a 1.2m (or less) earphone cord with an must have In-line Mic, to make the transition from music to phone calls effortless. I find cords longer than 1.2 irritating and not comfortable to be worn around. There are models with cords with the length of 2-3m, so if you happen to take such set of headphones outside, people may think that you’ll be hanging yourself on a tree.The L-type 3.5mm connection is an addition to the opinion, that these set of headphones doesn’t have a weak spot.


Performance and base

Pioneer’s striking SE-MJ722T Bass Head on-ear Headphones are designed to provide optimum performance with club beats. The newly designed large 40mm drivers deliver a balanced and powerful listening experience with great bass reproduction, letting you listen to your favorite music the way it was meant to be heard. A wide playback frequency of 6Hz to 40,000 Hz with an output level of 101dB ensures dynamic beat reproduction and the gold-plated, 3.5mm stereo mini-plug ensures excellent contact and outstanding audio transmission.


Pioneer has also implemented a microphone into the cable to make the transition between listening to music and taking calls easier. Since the release from 2016, they quickly gained big attention and people, teenagers mostly, showed that they like them. Lots of people say that they did not expect such base from headphones, that cost only $50, but sometimes the price is not the factor when it comes to quality, performance, durability or design – and these actually have them all big time!