A Simple But Usefull DIY Jacket Upgrade

Through these days of cold winter, having a warm jacket is essential to the matter of surviving. You’ll have to dress warmly, so that you can remain healthy and not get easily sick, which will cost you money, that are not well spend, but mostly you’ll have to spend your days at home, instead of doing something you’d love to do.

If you have a jacket that you’d like to wear at cold days, but it is not meant for that purpose, then with the following DIY upgrade you can make any jacket a winter one. It is a low-cost gadget, that is easily attached and highly useful, so watch the video thoroughly to get a better perspective on the item. The video is presented with the help of Lewis from UnboxTherapy, who never disappoints us with uninteresting stuff!

What is this upgrade?

This nice and effective upgrade is called Torch 2.0 and is actually super effective! The Torch Coat Warmer is a portable, battery-operated heater, designed to fit in any jacket by your choice. Transform any jacket into a battery operated heated jacket to fight the winter elements. With the use of Velcro, Torch can easily be removed from your jacket and transferred to other jackets to heat every “not meant for the purpose” upper clothing.

The 3 Heat zones and 3 Powerful settings allow you to perfectly control your core temperature in cold and unpredictable conditions. Our exclusive re-engineered heating pads are 30% more efficient and direct all the heat toward your core so no heat is wasted, which was the main complaint in the first version of the product.

How is it installed and is it durable?

Install process has never been easier with any other clothing upgrade I’ve ever seen. All you have to do, is to attach 2 big, sticky Velcro pads on the inner side of the jacket and you are ready to go. Because it’s power comes from a battery, you’ll have to frequently charge it and follow the battery life consumption. The set includes one custom, super-slim 5V, 6,000 mah Rechargeable Lithium Polymer power bank battery, that is able to heat your body for up to 4 hours.

With the help of a USB port, it is also capable of charging cell phones and tablets, in case your battery goes off. Torch 2.0 can also be powered by other compatible 5V power banks for extended use, or if you are planning to go on hiking for a longer period of time.It has mainly 3 sizes that are available for purchase. Large fits Men’s 3XL and 2XL. Medium fits Men’s XL, Large and Medium & Women’s 2XL, XL and Large. Small fits Mens Small & Womens Medium, Small and XS. The total price of the whole useful upgrade is $99, but will last you for a long time and will be the best “fashion” investment that you’ve done in a while. The thing that bugs me tho, is that its battery is very close to the heart, which is not very healthy, but my opinion is not based on facts, so you can do the fact-checking on your own or ask a doctor about it.