Samsung’s Interesting Cooling System Line-up At AHR 2018

The annually held event, called AHR, is an expo that has the main idea to show air-conditioners, heaters, refrigerators and similar to those products. The abbreviation stands for Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerator Exposition – AHR Expo. At the one held this year, which was actually a few weeks ago, Samsung Electronics showed an interesting cooling system, called Wind-Free. Along with that system, expansions to the Max Heat series were also inducted, which caused huge attention last year, as a solution providing high heating capacity with 100% efficiency, and designed specifically for cold regions.

At the booth at this event, Samsung provided visitors with a specially created Wind-Free unite, that caused incredible vibes and experience for the people. The demonstration highlighted the advanced cooling technology with thousands of micro-holes to carefully disperse the cold air into the room that the device is placed at. People were able to tell the difference between the usual cooling tech and the one that’s consisted of the Wind-Free 4way Cassette.

All the units of the Wind-Free series were shown and they marketed it pretty well. The firstly exposed 4Way Cassette has a blade up to 31% larger than conventional products and a widening swing angle of 10°, which can deliver wind up to 5m – around double that of conventional products. In addition, 4Way Cassette is equipped with a motion detection sensor (MDS) to detect the position of the person and automatically adjust the direction of the wind, but also is able to be utilized even in the absence of a person. All that sounds pretty effective and conventional to me and the people, who were engaged at the demonstration, showed some pretty good reactions towards the whole product series. The line-up, as I said, of the Max Heat series was also showed off and it was clearly stated that they support advanced heating performance and efficiency at even -13°F. Actually, all Max Heat products are certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency with the “Energy Star” certificate, which clarifies their efficiency and environmental-friendly features.

In addition to these innovations, Samsung’s booth also included the featuring of Samsung’s series of new fresh air systems, called Fresh Access, with -40° low ambient cooling ability, dedicated outdoor air systems, energy recovery ventilation systems, along with notable products such as the 360 Cassette, DVM Chiller, and Hospitality Management Solutions (HMS), which will surely make an impact on the way how people look on cooling systems in a good way! Props to Samsung and all the engineers, environmentalist, creative people and the whole team that stands behind all those projects.