Impressions on Galaxy S9! Was It Worth The Hype?

It’s here! The sequel to the Galaxy S-series has been unveiled officially a few days ago and it was just what we expected. In an article from a couple of weeks, we discussed what was already known for this hyped release and some major leaks that unveiled what the phone would look like. We gave our proposals on what the new features would be like and we perfectly nailed it.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will surely be a top-tier phone of 2018 and it will make it hard for competitors to cope with its pace, but I am sure that we’ll see more phones like this by the very end of the year. It was this phone that gained huge attention and was in the mouths of fans worldwide for a long time, so let me introduce it to you and tell you my impressions and whether it was worth the hype or not so. I am a huge fan of the Galaxy S-series and for 3 months I’ve been already using the Galaxy S8+, which even hardened my opinion that this series has the best additions to the market from years on – no offense Apple users!

What are my impressions of the smartphone?

What I love about Samsung is that no matter that it’s one of the biggest brands out there, they always tend to stick to users opinion on what they should upgrade in each and every model. That’s exactly what they did with S8 and now they’re doing it with the S9 model. We complained that the fingerprint, in an example, was in an uncomfortable and dangerous position and they simply changed its location to a more convenient one!

So, the S9 is really close in terms of design to the S8, which I really love because it didn’t need many changes – it is already perfect this way and just a couple of improvements were needed and here they are!The colorways that it comes at are Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Lilac Purple (for now). Moving the fingerprint below the camera is incredible and changing the whole perspective and technology behind the camera itself is phenomenal!

What is more, the processor is the newest generation Snapdragon 845 and it is super fast! Such a camera definitely needs it… 960 frames per second requires a lot of RAM and fast processor unit. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will operate on the latest Android 8.0 (Oreo) as well and similar to the previous S8 model it features 4GB RAM for the regular S9 and 6GB for the S9+. The size of both versions is the same as the S8. The normal S9 is 5.8 inch big, while the S9+ is 6.2 inch. Both have 64GB of internal storage capacity, which if you happen to not find enough you can expand via convenient microSD slot.

Another big difference to the previous model is the speaker. The grill has been changed and the audio provider has been as well. Samsung recently bought “Harman Kardon” audio for 8 billion dollars, so it was obvious that they’d use them in the S9. It sounds better and even if you happen to cover the speaker, the audio will still come out of the charging hole, so you’ll hear everything at all times.

Was it worth the hype?

For sure it was worth it! You couldn’t expect it to be better at this point of time. It has all the specs, hardware, software, camera, design and all other abilities that are about to make it the best selling phone of 2018. I wonder how will Apple respond to it?

However, the price of the device is also great. It is not significantly higher compared to the S8. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be selling at $720 for the regular and $840 for the S9+. Everything we wanted to see in this model is here, so yeah – the hype was sure worth! If you are planning to get a new phone and don’t mind to spend so much money, then go ahead and grab it! It has Bluetooth connectivity, the 3.5mm jack is still there, the design is more than phenomenal, facial/iris recognition and plenty of other awesome features are added, which in combined makes it more convenient and better than any iPhone out there (at least to me).

The camera has been transformed in a manner, that has never been seen on a smartphone – the first smartphone dual-aperture camera. If you are not into photography, then it wouldn’t make a significant difference to you, but if you are keen on it, you’ll most likely enjoy it to the fullest!

The smaller the f-number, the wider this hole is. A bigger hole means more light gets to the sensor, usually resulting in better images when the available light is limited. Using a f/2.4 aperture only makes complete sense in bright light, when the extra width is simply not needed.Samsung’s use of multiple aperture settings can be taken as an admission that the Galaxy S9’s ultra-wide f/1.5 aperture will come with some optical trade-offs. Its use of an f/2.4 mode is an attempt to ensure you won’t notice them, ever. The wide camera is pure awesomeness – you can take a selfie with additional 2 people next to you without a selfie stick. We’ll see how the competitors will manage to cope with what Samsung did – they surely raised the lever!