Android Go: Good News For Powerless Smartphones!

With all those flashy smartphones and huge advance that we’ve seen through the last couple of years, less powerful smartphones, in terms of hardware, were somehow left behind… But companies tend to forget that a big percent of the world population could not afford a thousand dollar smartphone and in India, for example, citizen prefer to spend less money on smartphones that could do the essential things for them.

However, one company took this into consideration and made a great attempt at solving this problem. I am talking about Google, who recently launched a project that aims at making your less powerful smartphone to work more efficiently. It is called Android Go and is highly effective!

What is Android Go?

Basically, Android Go is a stripped down version of the Android that you simply use and know. By “stripped down” I mean that it has all the essential features and needs, but with less power-requiring apps and less content. This way, phones with less RAM and internal storage could work faster with apps that used to require way better software and hardware smartphone abilities.

For example, Google Assistant, which is a power-requiring application, now could run on a smartphone with just 1GB of RAM, which is a great improvement. It shows how much needless content is lacking, so now people who’d like to go for a cheaper smartphone have a better reasoning to do so.

When will it be out?

Good news – it is actually available already and you can get a few smartphones that have it integrated. Actually, the new Android Oreo is out in that Android Go edition, which expands the market for the entry-level smartphones. With fewer pre-installed and much lighter apps users will get 2x more available storage out of the box. Storage issues, solved.

By building a fast, smooth smartphone experience with enhanced apps (and a few new ones), they can email, get answers, find directions, and play games faster than ever. It is a great idea and will solve plenty of issues for phones with 1GB of RAM and less. Props to Google!