August Smart Lock’s Integrating Google Assistant

A few days ago, one of the best smart assistants has enabled the support of August DoorSense, which is the company’s smart integrated lock sensor. In case you have the DoorSense installed in your home, then you can check with the help of the Assistant whether you’ve locked/closed the door. It will surely save you some headaches.

Those users can already use the voice commands for the August Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro, all with the help of an Android device. It is also available on iOS, Google Home, and other wearable techs. All you have to do to enable this feature is to connect the August Lock to a Wi-Fi network, through an August Connected Wi-Fi bridge or a doorbell camera, which also has integrated Wi-Fi connection.

Until now, users would have to add the “Ask August” in their request to lock the main door or check whether it’s been locked or not. The difference is that the language has been simplified to just “Hey Google, is my door locked?”. The synchronization between the locker and the Google Assistant app goes the following way:
>Tap the blue drawing icon in the upper right corner
>Go to Settings
>Choose Control
>Click on the plus sign icon in the bottom right
>Select August Home and sign in