Is It A Good Idea To Cover Your Laptop Webcam?

In this modern era, we are more likely to become victims of cyber attacks or bullying. Blackmailing has become a trend among online criminals and we should seek for preventing methods before a similar problem occurs in our lives. The topic of this discussion is – should we really cover our laptops webcam?

Well, to me the idea sounds pretty good and I am actually using this method for more than 2 years. I do not use my laptop webcam, so it is unnecessary for me to have it on my device, meaning that taping it is a huge advantage for me when it comes to hacking and getting any personal information from my device.Should you do it as well?

How can this be used by hackers?

Well, it does not mean that you should be a celebrity so that a hacker could be interested in your daily life or personal information. There are cyber criminals who do it to molest women and to record them naked so that they could claim money amounts, or they’d leak the footages. If you are a woman in that situation, you wouldn’t like to have this information leaked, right? Others do it to get a better idea of your daily life, so they can, in an example, observe your daily habits and routine and calculate what is the best time to gain access to your home and steal your belongings.

Covering the camera, however, is not the only thing that you could do to prevent yourself from such intentions. You can also try to find out where your microphone has been placed and tape it as well. This is a cheap and effective method, that will block hackers from listening to conversations that happen in a room where your phone has been placed. It does not work on 100%, but it decreases the range in which soundwaves get to the mic.

How effective are those things?

To be honest, these ideas may sound foolish to you, but if that’s the case, then you would, unfortunately, understand it as soon as it happens to you. Hundreds of thousands of people become victims of such intends, so what makes you less vulnerable to it? It is the cheapest method available, and if it was not a big problem, then companies like Lenovo wouldn’t add a sliding coverage feature of the camera to their new devices, right?

If you use your laptop in public spaces it shows that you are concerned about privacy and if there are hackers who observe you before trying to slide in your daily life, you would most probably back them off by stating that you’d be a hard one! None of us is fully protected from anything in this era of “smart” devices and we’re constantly around the presence of cameras on our laptops, smartphones, TVs, fridges and etc., so do you think that those things are not an easy method for a hacker or the government to observe you? I think that they are!