Is It Worth To Switch To Samsung Galaxy S9?

Each and every year, it is a tendency for top-end smartphones to release an upgraded version of the previously released device. Last year the Samsung Galaxy S8 made a huge release and the device actually boosted the Samsung Galaxy company a lot! A few days ago was released the S9 sequel and the device was purely amazing on its own!

The question is – is it worth to switch? Shall you throw your Google Pixel 2 in the box and start using this new Galaxy S9? What is better in it than the S8 and what is the same? Those are all questions that I’ll answer you in the following few paragraphs, so if you are interested in the outcome – continue reading!

What’s so different about it than the S8?

So, there are definitely things that are upgraded in this new model, but are they significant and vast ones? Did Samsung listen once again to the audience and users? They definitely did listen to the users of S8 and made some not-so-visible upgrades, but you’ll definitely feel them as soon as the phone is in your hands and you start operating.

The phone feels awesome in terms of design and users say that it fits slightly better when you hold it in your hands. The biggest upgrades are on the camera, audio and fingerprint parts. They took every aspect that the mass said was wack and transformed it into a whole new concept, that will definitely turn out to be major until the very next release of the S-series model.

What’s the best difference of all?

Aside from the all-new camera features and wide aperture, the phone moved the fingerprint below the camera lens. This makes the phone feel more secure when holding and now you won’t have to hold it with two hands in order to unlock your device.

This is not the best thing about it though. The best thing is the speaker itself that has been completely changed since the S8 release. The grill has been changed and the audio provider has been as well. Samsung recently bought “Harman Kardon” audio for 8 billion dollars, so it was obvious that they’d use them in the S9. It sounds better and even if you happen to cover the speaker, the audio will still come out of the charging hole, so you’ll hear everything at all times. This is the first time that a flagship phone has a stereo speaker on it, so people who are into music will definitely love and appreciate it!

Better than the Pixel XL?

Well, I can say that from what I’ve seen until now – yes it is better than the Pixel XL in some way. Users say that they find it more convenient, easy to use and I think that there is no need to talk about how the display is way better than the Google’s phone. If you are a Samsung top-end user and go for another phone, you’ll quickly tell the difference and you’ll maybe right ahead go back to your Samsung device in a rush.

The cameras a quite close when it comes to aperture and pictures in low-visibility spaces, but Samsung definitely wins the case. I don’t know what they’ll do to make the next phone better than the S9, but only time will tell. We’ll see how the technology market will change in the next months of 2018.