Duke Xbox One Controller – The New 2018 Generation!

In the last few months, there were big talks about the new, refreshed and modernized version of the Duke Xbox One Controller. A few days ago, IGN unveiled a video on the unboxing of the new generation controller, and it is visible that it went through major modernization, while the old school details have been kept the same.

It is definitely in my top 3 Xbox One controllers, because of the nostalgia, gaming experience and looks it brings! On pictures, it seemed a little bit bigger, but on the video from IGN, it looks amazing! The way they twisted the original version of the controller and combined it with nowadays tech is superb…

There is less than no chance that a fired up gamer, that used to play on the OG version, does not like the new model. Some websites made it possible to order the controller, but it quickly got sold out, selling at a price of $70 (U.S.) and £70 (U.K.)! I think that they soon will load it up again, as it is not a limited edition, but for now you have to be lucky to get your hands on it. You can apply, however, for a pre-order if you’d like to.

Kevin Kenson also made a great video in which he talks about every single aspect of this legendary controller. He showed it from all angles and actually made a more in-depth and thorough review than the one IGN made. Check it out below and once again I will say that Kevin is the best guy you should check when in search for any type of controllers. He is constantly making amazing videos on controllers for different types of consoles, and this one is, hands down, one of his best videos recently!

Design & Performance

The design of this new Duke controller is expectedly very similar to the original one. Not only very similar, but it has some small differences that were made in order to make it perform better than the one that got released back in 2001. Technology evolved in a major way for the last 17 years, and seeing such models that brought gaming to a whole new level getting refreshed is bringing both joy & nostalgic feelings within.

On the front of the controller, you can see a big display that is showing the Xbox One animation when you start the controller. If you haven’t used the controller back in the days and you are not used to such models, you should know that in pictures it may seem okay, but in reality, it looks and feels somewhat bigger. What differs it from most of the popular controllers is not only the size but the fact that the analog sticks are not next to each other (regular Xbox controller thing).

It might take you some time to get used, but the left analog stick is on the place of the 4 way D-pad button, and the D-pad is taking the place of the left analog stick, like all Xbox controllers. This is the main difference between the Duke and the rest of the controllers that you’re most probably used to if you’ve been always playing on PS3/PS4. Also, there are the “X, Y, B, A” buttons on the right side with the black & white classic buttons just above them.

Another important thing about the design is that the controller is not wireless, which I think that should’ve been one of the changes. They would’ve compensated the size with the flexibility to move freely without any wires tangling around, but it is what it is. At least they have made the USB cable 9ft. long, so you can sit more distantly from the TV. You can also connect your headphones with the controller via the 3.5mm headset jack that’s been integrated on the bottom lid (under the menu button & between the handles).

I like the idea to bring this legend on the market again because it really has the fan auditory and the potential to be one of the best Xbox One controllers right now. The performance of this beast is just phenomenal, and it would really make a huge impact on your gaming skills if you use it more often when gaming. Hyperkin, which is the company making the re-designed model, has really done a great job at making it work & look at the top-end level. None other controllers will bring you the nostalgic feels and memories like the Hyperkin Duke controller does…

What’s new about the controller?

The first thing you see when you load up the new controller and look at the front, you see a LED display, that loads up the Xbox intro in a beautiful animation. The buttons are amazingly identical – all of them, except the triggers. The analog stick, four-way D-pad, black & white buttons and others are the same…

The big grid between the two big triggers has not been changed as well and this detail adds to the aggressiveness of the whole controller. It connects to your device with USB type C cable and is perfect for gaming and people who are transferring from an old-school Xbox to the new models.

Such nostalgic products that throw us back to the good old days are always well accepted if they are done correctly, and I assure you that Microsoft put a lot of effort into making it the same as the original one. If you are a dedicated gamer, there is no chance it does not appeal to you, so you better pre-order it now, as it is expected to hit the market on 9th of May.

The original Duke controller from 2001

On which devices can you use it?

Probably you think that because it is made for Xbox, you can use it only for this console. Actually, you can use it also on Windows 10 computers, as it is made by Microsoft and they decided to expand the field of applying this product, which I truly like!

The choice of getting a good controller for your PC can be hard because there are not many flawless models, but this one would be just amazing for it! Also, if you are playing both on an Xbox and on a PC, you would find it easier to transfer from one console to another, without affecting your performance.

If you are playing with a keyboard and with a controller every different day, you would be halfway good at both. However, if you are playing constantly on a controller, you would get perfect on it because of the practice, right? If that case also applies to you, I strongly suggest getting the Duke Xbox One controller.

For the price of $70, it is a great device, which has a great design, comfort, performance, and suitability. It would not give you just the nostalgic feeling, but everything you need for a gaming performance, that you are chasing after. It would be also the perfect gift either for you or someone you care for and you know that he’s constantly switching between the gaming consoles, so you can opt for a pre-order now, by clicking here!

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