Building The Ultimate Technology Survival Kit!

We all fell in the situation of not having the needed electronic equipment that enables us to charge our smartphone, camera, laptop or just to share some cool/important stuff with your friends. Nobody will have a good time if he goes out on a trip and realizes that he forgot the charger at home… especially if you are a user of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, as not all chargers are meant to fit with them.

This is when you will make huge use out of a “Tech Survival Kit”, which you can build up on your own for less than $150, depending on your needs and items that you use. It will save you at some point of time, I am sure, so it is always good to have the right tools around because you never know what can show up.

That is the reason why I decided to hand out to you some ideas for a cool kit and I will do it with the great help of the famous YouTuber – UrAvgConsumer. He made a great video, which is his third edition of this Survival Kit, and I have to say that he does a great job at offering the right tools at a reasonable price, so let’s get into it!

BAGSMART – Best Electronic Organiser

First thing first, if you are going to organize a bunch of items for travel or everyday situations, you will need some bag to store them into. For this proposal, the BagSmart is the best option that you can find out there and it is a premium-quality bag with three different layers that work out as compartments for storage of a variety of electronic items.

You can use the first layer (compartment) to put in the items that you use the most. This can be a mouse, business cards, keys, or even an external hard drive. They strategically made it as the first compartment, so you save yourself time to search through all the three parts…

In the second compartment, you have space for more items that you have for sure! There are 6 mesh small pouches 15 elastic loops for a bunch of cables, USB ports, earbuds, chargers and whatever you think of that has an extensive cable attached to it.The third compartment is for PED’s and you can fit there a small tablet. iPad or a big-screen smartphone. Also, you can fit a small-size notebook, cards, passport and other important documents that you would not like to lose, but you have to carry around with you. This BAGSMART is priced at only $30 and it is the most essential part of the whole kit.

Adapters & Splitters

Second category of must-have items that you need for a travel is different adapters and splitters for electronic devices. There are numerous cases when you might need an adapter, in an example when you have to turn your USB type C port into 3.5 mm jack, you should have the Razer Phone UCB-C around you, which costs not more than $19.

Another situation might be that you would like to share a song with your friends, or you are the only one that is on the road and has energy left in the device. If you would like to share media with others with headphones, then the Belkin Rockstar splitter is the perfect option. It has 5 AUX ports that enable you to connect headphones or AUX cables to it and could be really helpful for only $10!

Or, in my opinion, the most common situation is that you have a device that is with USB C compatibility, but you need to plug it in a port for USB 3.0. You can avoid headbangs for just $7 by getting the AUKEY USB C to 3.0 adapter. I just love the tech products bu AUKEY! They are all highly helpful and come at crazy prices…

If you are travelling regularly and you have to switch different countries, then you should definitely have the Universal USB Travel Power Adapter, that covers 150 different countries and their outlet types. If you are living in Serbia, but decide to go to England and you bring your electronics, then you’d have some hard time with searching for adapters there, as the outlets are different. With this adapter, you will solve the problem and you’ll have 4 external USB charging stations on the other side for just $19!

Cables & Chargers

I think that this will be the category, that’s going to be helpful to most of you. Having the right cables and battery packs when going on the road is of incredible importance! Cables are the fundamental aspect of your whole device, so it is important to have suitability for all the variety of cables out there. In an example, if you are in your car and you would like to stream music directly from your smartphone, you should get a simple and basic cable for that purpose – the Anker 3.5mm Aux Audio Cable ($5) with length of 1.2, so it does not tangle around your gear-shift handle, handle break and etc..

If you want to get rid of the charging-compatibility problems, then you should definitely put the CHAFON Multi USB Cable in your Survival Kit. It costs only $9 but is an extensive multi-cord with all the needed ports you can think of – Mini USB, USB C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Micro USB and etc. Not only is it of incredible convenience, but it is made of superb quality and won’t break for a month or two. It will last you 2-3 years for sure if you store and use it correctly!

However, the ultimate cable-saver is the Multi-Charger by ThinkANT that will enable you to charge devices of all kind with it. It has a port for almost all iPhone’s and iPad’s out there, as well as one for most Android devices, gaming controllers, external batteries, and one other port for Nexus, HTC & Lumia devices. It has a textile covering (braided) and sells at two lengths – 4ft & 1ft for the price of only $11.

Of course, if you are carrying so many devices, you will need an external battery with you, that will provide you with some more hours of using the device. This is when you should consider getting the Anker 20,100 mAh portable battery pack for $40. With this portable charger, you can charge a smartphone around 5 times and a tablet for 3 times. The bad thing is that it would take ~20 hours of fully charging it, so use the energy in it efficiently!

Earbuds & Miscellaneous

I do not know about you, but for me taking the headphones is a tremendous priority when I go out! It does not matter if I just go for a short car drive or if I go to a practice, I always have my earbuds with me, as I do not use headphones too often – I do use headphones mostly at home. At my car I always keep a pair of TDK earbuds (those that come with the original packaging of the Samsung Galaxy S8).

I think that nowadays most of us are music enthusiasts. so that’s why I suggest you have a spare set of earbuds in your survival kit as well! Right now you can get the SoundPEATS Bluetooth earbuds for only $20, as they are currently on sale from $50.

These ones are perfect for sports and they are even sweat proof, but if you want to go with a cheaper version, you can get the Tronoe Sports earbuds. They cost only $10 but don’t let the price fool you because the build and sound quality are really good. They even have a textile covering over the whole cable, which is unseen in any other pair of earbuds around $10!

There are other highly interesting and helpful items also, that could fall into the “Miscellaneous” category. One of those items is the BellFyd awesome tactical pen, that comes with a handful of different purposes! We’ve all seen those James Bond movies with high-tech pens, and as we are already 2018, there are such pens selling for only $15.

The BellFyd tactical pen is made out of tungsten steel and could be detached in numerous ways, as each compartment is having a different appliance. There are a bunch of blades for cutting, opening bottles, sharpening other blades, or compartments for unscrewing bolts and even has a tip that could break hard glass! It is amazing and could be of great use for ladies and their safety.

Before we move on to another interesting item, I want to ask you how many times you forgot where you put your wallet, keys or even glasses? I know that it happens to all of us and that’s why I decided to give you the ultimate solution, that I have already discussed months ago. It is a small card that could fit in your wallet or under the protective case for the back of your smartphone.

Inside of the card, there is a small GPS system integrated that could be tracked via a smart device and this way you will always know where your wallet/smartphone is. Of course, if you decide to put it in the protective case in order to track your phone, you will have to link the card to another smartphone, because if you lose the smartphone that you linked the card to, you practically have done the dumbest mistake of all time.

The Orbit card costs only $40 and the company produces smaller compatible chips for sticking them on glasses, power bank or keys, so this way you will save yourself those mini heart attacks that you experience when you realise that you might have lost one of those listed objects.

Special thanks to:

UrAvgConsumer YouTube channel – video for The Tech Survival Kit 3.0 (Must Have!)