Lenovo Teasing Public With First True All-Screen Smartphone!

Ever since the infamous iPhone X popped out, there was a wave of smartphones that followed the trend of building up a device with nothing in the front, but a screen! However, it is the notch that’s getting in the way of the screen, making it not the all-screen phone that everyone wants. What’s about to follow then?

Chang Cheng, the president of Lenovo company, teased his audience in China through “Weibo” by showing a smartphone that features nothing but a screen on the front, packed up in an incredibly thin bezel on the sides! The screen-to-body ratio is 95%, which is crazy if you compare it to other phones. Even the top-end phones right now can’t reach this ratio…

What he showed was not the device already build up, but the sketch of it that will turn it into reality in near future. What he insists, is that the phone will be the first of its kind and will be called the Lenovo Z5, featuring a bunch of new technologically advanced aspects, as well as 18 new patented techs.

I guess that it will really be an innovative product, as top-end phones nowadays are around 90-92% screen-to-body ratio, so 3% increase in the amount is not a small advancement. They’re getting closer and closer to building a phone with just a display and nothing else. The problem that initially pops out in my head is how exactly are they going to cope with the front-facing camera problem?

Building up the true all-screen phone is being stopped by how will they position the camera? If you’d like to make a device that has nothing else but a screen, you got to put the camera somewhere, right? My take is that it will be build up in one of the sides or in the top part, but will be hidden and when you want to use it, you will just have to slide it up – that’s the most reasonable thing that comes up to my mind when facing such a problem.

We already have everything needed to make such a phone, but is it worth doing it? Why would be in such a need of making a full-screen smartphone, when the screens nowadays are so advanced and nothing’s actually getting into our eyesight? Is it just aesthetics, or we’re going crazy & too far with those things? Yes, we have smartphones with fingerprints build up in the display, so I guess that they will hide the camera somehow in one of the sides, making it a “sliding camera”, that pops out whenever you need it – time will show and until then, we will keep you updated!