OnePlus 6 Leaks About Price & Release Date – Pictures!

Just a few days before the official announcement and unveiling of the OnePlus 6, Amazon Germany showed some images of the new smartphone, along with some important details on the price and release date. Of course, there is still tons of stuff we do not know about the device, so we as fans are still guessing and predicting what we’re about to see, but only time will show.

The line up of OnePlus devices is getting bigger and every year it is gaining more and more popularity among smartphone users & enthusiasts. For the biggest enthusiasts about the OnePlus 6, the company made it possible for them to get their hands on the device one day before the release. The official release is on 22 May, so the biggest fans of it will be able to get it on 21st.

In Europe, prices will start at 519 euro for the 64GB version, going all the way up to 569 euro for the 128GB one. Most probably, the prices in the USA will be in the same amount, but in dollars of course. The device will be available in two colors – mirror black & midnight black. There will be additional colorways, but I think that OnePlus will make them in “limited” quantities, in order to make it sell better.

It will be the most advanced smartphone OnePlus has ever made until now, coming with a Snapdragon 845 processor, a 6.3″ display with 2280×1080 resolution and awesome camera, that will be able to stand up to even the Google Pixel 2, which I don’t see happening… One thing is for sure – the market is getting even more stacked up with new & trendy smartphones, coming out every month. With this pace, in 2-3 years I can’t even imagine how it will be.

I do not understand, why would OnePlus be stating that the phone will be the most advanced and sell it in only 2 black colors? Yes, I know that they will make tons of money out of “limited edition” colorways afterward, which will keep it selling for months, but initially, they could’ve given fans some choices to go with, especially a clean and simple white design, which is more preferred nowadays than the black one.