150″ 4K LASER TV By Hisense

Technology’s developing faster, than the speed of light already. A few years ago, TV’s at 4K and with such smart possibilities were just a myth or a dream. Now, there are countless models that are, hands down, jaw-dropping. The more time goes by, the more awesome additions pop-out. One of the most incredible TVs I’ve seen in a while was at the CES 2018 event and it was presented by the Hisense company.

It is a 150″ big, 4K quality laser TV, with numerous great smart features. Just imagine a 150″ TV on your wall… you’ll turn a simple wall into a great home-built cinema. The technology behind the creation is incredible and the price is not high at all, which simply amazes me. In a video, presented by the famous YouTuber Karl Conrad, we’ll see the presentation of the 150″ TV at the event itself, so thanks to him.

What’s this TV about?

After launching a 100-inch version last year, Hisense is now expanding their lineup with a 150-inch 4K Laser TV projector. This was a surprise for those who attended the Hisense CES 2018 press conference.It will surely be a surprise to the competition of the company as well because the TV has everything a person needs to have. The only thing that someone might not have is enough room on the wall for it.

In fact, it is a bigger version of the last year model that they presented in the same type of event, which was a 100″ TV with laser technology as well. The idea of this great Hisense TV is not to have a laser projector that’s dropping from your ceiling or wherever you placed it at, but to add a closely placed to the TV projector, that’s actually at 7-inches from the wall itself, so you’ll not experience interruptions by people passing in front of the projected picture.

When will it be on in stores?

For now, the company’s just teasing us with this TV. It is still unknown when it will be in your local market, as well as the exact price of it. The only thing we know, for now, is that the starting price of the 4K UHD Laser TV is $10,000, which compared to its rivals is just phenomenal. In this price, the Harman Kardon speakers, that power the sound-system, are included as well. This means that not the only phenomenal picture, but the sound quality is ensured as well!

This great product is not only for watching shows or movies, but it is great for gaming as well! I am sure that dedicated gamers would love to play some of their favorite games on a screen of this kind.The estimated life of this TV is ~18 years, which will either outlive you, or you’ll have to change it because in 18 years just imagine what kind of TV systems we’ll have. Both ways around, if you’ll be able to afford this Hisense 4K UHD Laser TV when it comes out, you’ll have no chances to remain disappointed, so start saving up money from now!