5 Reasons To Buy A $188 Laptop!

Expensive laptops and gaming computers are all over the place, but what happens if you want to go for a cheaper alternative, that would serve you well enough for the money? Which one would you prefer to get and what will your requirements be?

In this article, I am about to present you a $188 laptop that will perfectly serve you, and along with it, I will give you 5 reasons why it’s totally worth it. The machine is made by HP and is 14″ big with specs that are perfect for the price range. It is one of the top 3 laptops that you can actually get under two hundred bucks.

Reason 1

The first and most obvious reason is the price that it sells at. For this money, you’ll have a hard time finding a better laptop out there. If you do so, I don’t think that it would be still under warranty and will have the ability to update. Moreover, getting this HP laptop will ensure you support and customer service/maintenance by the manufacturer and in this case, HP is known for good customer service so you won’t remain disappointed for sure in case anything happens.

Reason 2

Secondly – this laptop is an all-around player! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to load up heavy games, but it will serve you well enough for watching videos, editing stuff, browsing the internet and all of that could be performed on an original copy of Windows 10. If you are into gaming, however, it would load up games but not from the top-end ones as it does not have the requirements to do so.

Reason 3

Believe it or not, the hardware is what rates at the third reasonable spot. The price may not be saying so, but the build quality, lightness, and quickness that it operates at, sheds completely different light on the HP Stream. The touchpad, keyboard, 3 x USB ports, card reader and HDMI port are pretty convenient and easy to access for a laptop this thin, light and cheap! It feels pretty comfortable and stable to operate on, so it would back up your productivity if you are planning to use it for work.

Reason 4

Behind reason four is the performance ability. As I’ve said above – it performs just well enough for a $188 laptop, so don’t underestimate it at all. It does not perform as quick as a thousand dollar laptop, but it does it properly! It has a 4GB RAM capacity and a 2.5GHz Dual-core Celeron 3060 processor. What differs this sequel of the HP Stream series is that it has double the RAM storage of the previously released models. The downside of all things is that it features only 32GB of internal storage capacity, which will quickly load up after installing a few programs. That’s why the card reader is there and you can solve the problem by adding an external hard drive if you have such.

Reason 5

Finally, the practical side of the laptop is what stands on the last spot. It has most of the things that you’ll want a laptop to feature, including a long-lasting battery life. If you charge it up to 100% it will give you some good 8 to 10 hours of action, before hitting the charger again. Wireless connection is quick as well and will stream videos and internet content with ease, just make sure that you have stable connection nearby.