New Nintendo Switch Accessories!

We are all familiar with how games development started. Nintendo is one of the key companies, that has taken the biggest part in gameplay evolution. With their last year innovation, the Nintendo Switch, they came back strong in business, making a remark on how 128 years after the creation of the company, they still put innovative thinking into the development of their new products.

Making a portable console of this type was a good move by Nintendo but the design could’ve been slightly better. I’m not saying that it’s not good at all, that’s definitely not the case, but there could’ve been some slight improvements.In the next few lines, along with Kevin Kenson, we’ll discuss some of the best accessories that popped out recently on the market, and you can already get your gaming hands onto them.

Switch Charge Stand

One of the biggest problems of this small and great console is the battery life. Since the very release of the product, manufacturing companies and developers are constantly looking for problem-solving ideas on how to upgrade that battery life and some of them did this job great! The following $42 charging accessory that we’ll be talking about has different uses/features, so I’m sure that Switch lovers will like it for sure!

Apart from giving you another one and a half charging cycles, this compact and affordable charger has 2 stands on each side, that give it great versatility and make it incredible for watching videos/movies right out of the device. Also, it has a storage place for 2 additional games that you’d like to play if you are on the go and protects the back of the whole device from scratches/impacts.

Power Case

Another related thing is this Power Case that goes around for only $45 and will be one of the most comfortable/helpful accessories for the console that you have. It is big enough to ensure you all the space for the needed console supplies and is padded, so it can protect it from hits and falls at all times while carrying.

It has an integrated cable, that pulls out to enable charging while playing in handheld mode.It can be used to charge not only the Nintendo Switch console but any other mobile phone as well. The 8000mAh battery inside will definitely cope with your charging demands wherever you are.

Light-Up Dock

Third one accessory up here could be used to decorate and protect your Switch dock with a custom LED light show! It provides 17 different color/light effect settings to transform your dock into a cool glowing display that screams gaming at first sight.

The dock features an electronic base, which holds the dock, and connects to it via USB and 2 acrylic framing panels with Nintendo artwork. You can easily control the stunning light settings with the press of a button. With Flash Mode, Strobe Mode, Fade Mode, and Smooth Mode, you can choose your favorite color and set the animated light effects to your liking at all times.

HIDEit Switch Wall Mount

Last but not least is this $20 innovative/reliable/great wall mount that will enhance your gaming experience for sure. The dock charges the console and converts screen image size to fit your TV. That means the dock doesn’t get very warm so heat is not an issue. Wireless and Wi-Fi signal are not impacted by the HIDEit Switch mount. Nintendo will provide a replacement for left Joy-Con controllers that experience connectivity issues

This HIDEit Switch Mount is designed and smoothly cut to securely store the Switch Dock without adding unnecessary bulk. To HIDEit behind the TV, only an extra 1/2 inch of clearance is needed, in addition to the Switch Dock itself. The manufacture’s slogan is “DISPLAYit and focuses on the Switch, not the mount”, which I find really creative and well said for sure!