Top 10 Smart Glasses in 2018

Wearable technology or to be more specific glasses, smart glasses most of them using Android. Heads-up display (HUD) or also called augmented reality has the capability to show see-thru projected images. Starting with some of the first models with basic functions like being a front-end display for a remote system and evolving to effective wearable computers.

Today’s models can support wireless technology like Bluetooth, WIFI, and GPS. One of the best products of actual smart glasses was the “Google glass” capable of sending messages, answering calls, visiting the web and social media. This device by the time it came out could perform almost everything a smartphone can do.

Microphone, camera and GPS just right above the right eye. The image you could see in an equivalent of a 25 inch HD screen around eight feet away. With a price around $1500 announced at the beginning of the project, this project failed in 2015.

Surprising Google developed “Google glass 2”, but it’s definitely not coming to the regular users like you and me its Enterprise Edition (EE). That’s why we will check out the top 10 smart glasses that are consumer oriented.


This device comes with almost everything that a smartphone can give you. The M100 has a virtual display, WIFI, 5 megapixels 1080p HD camera with a motion sensor. You can use them to take photos, videos surf the web send messages and the essential of every phone make phone calls. You can use the thousands of already existing apps just like any Android phone. The Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to pair it with other android devices perfect for both business and personal fun.

Meta Pro

This pair of smart glasses is unique on the market with their 3D projection capabilities. Dual 820p display, 128 GB internal memory for photos and videos even Intel iCore 5Processor. Lenses by Carl Zeiss and aviator styled makes you feel like the iron man good choice if you want to walk around with hi-tech wearable.


If you think that the only device you can use to track your training is your smartwatch or specialized fitness trackers we got to show Jins MEME. Coming with more health and fatigue tracking apps this pair of smart glasses do not have Augmented Reality (AR). Don’t get disappointed they compensate with a bio-sensing technology, accelerometer, and gyroscope basically good choice for fitness and health.

Epson Moverio BT-200

We just can’t miss this natural replacement of binoculars and microscopes. Bluetooth wireless, android 4.0 processor this pair of smart glasses is good for medical and other science experiments. They got the capability of showing images twice their actual size, magnifying small objects plus the support of 2D and 3D image quality.

ICE Theia Glares

This piece of wearable tech can be paired with your phone using Bluetooth, it does have 8GB of memory so you can store your music or save the images taken with the HD camera that has also build-in flash. So if you are always on the road for business or pleasure the ICE Theia GlaresIt’s a lightweight solution for your entertainment.

ODG R-7 Smart Glasses

The next pair of smart glasses can be added to list like one of the most powerful devices. Audio and video recording, 3D stereoscopic screens, Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 805. ODG R-7 and Android operating system come to hand by hand and used mostly for the government and enterprise purpose.



Taking videos secretly like James Bond? Well, this might come in hand. You can record long events like lectures because they have 16 GB external memory expandable to 64 GB. The Build-in mini camera produces 1920x1080P full HD crystal clear video. Anything you see gets a real-time recording.

Recon Jet Smart Eyewear

Sport-oriented and designed the Recon Jet are a perfect solution for entertainment and recreation. The GPS tracking collects data more specific to cycling and fitness. Equipped with a full set of altimeter, accelerometer, thermometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and the power of 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor they are a very good choice of those of you that want to keep track of their sports life.

Samsung SSG-5150GB 3D Active Glasses

Compatible with most of the Samsung 3D TV’s this pair of smart glasses will make you enjoy all you see thru them. With a maximum of 70 hours thanks to the two CR1620 batteries you can watch 3D movies their great field of view.


Google Glass Explorer Edition XE-C 2.0

Surprise by pairing with your smartphone using Bluetooth or WIFI you get to make phone calls, driving directions, messages, browsing the internet and many of the Google services. All you have to do is say “OK Glass”.

At the end of drawing the bottom line, we can say that there is bright future for the smart glasses. Taking videos and pictures, listening to music, making phone calls tracking your health now can be done just by wearing a pair of glasses.