Kindle Oasis II (2017 E-Book) – Available

The second generation of the already successful e-book presented by Amazon has been already released a couple of weeks ago and the new version had been majorly redesigned and the battery life had been improved in a drastic way. If you love reading books you’ll most probably like it but it may seem expensive even to the die-hard literature followers.

In terms of both performance and design, this second generation Kindle Oasis is far better than the first one. The price of $289 though, seems a bit too much for me. It is surely a high-grade e-book but won’t come up to the expectation when you first look at the price tag. It lacks some major possibilities but overall it is a compact, innovative and with a high level of endurance device. Among all the latest released products from Amazon, the time of this one came weeks ago because of their busy schedule and marketing decision, which I am sure that’ll work out.


Visually the Kindle Oasis II went through most of the performed and drastic changes. It has less frame and a bigger screen, but the way it’s been built on the back side is found uncomfortable by the mass. It has a rather smooth and cleaner look but contrary to other models it still feels kind of bulky but that’s a small sacrifice for a big boost in terms of performance.


The screen has the perfect size of 6 inches and the bezel is fairly thin overall, and thicker on the right side, so that space could be used as a platform for controlling buttons and placement. Perfectly balanced for one-handed reading, the backside starts at a thicker base that progressively thins from the right side to the left side so that the e-book could rest easily in your hand because of the tapered ergonomic handgrip that relocates the center of gravity to your palm. What’s missing though, is a protective case that’ll add to the handling because if you decide to hold it with two hands the e-book feels unnatural and bulky, so that was what I actually meant earlier.

Another big step is the waterproof protection as well as the screen one. The IPX8 rating basically means that the Kindle Oasis will easily survive being tossed into the water for not longer than two hours – which is more than most phones could stand up to. The exact dimensions of this sequel are 143 mm x 122 mm x 3.4-8.5 mm.

Performance, screen, and connectivity

This Kindle Oasis has high-class performance abilities. If you read constantly or happen to always be in movement, it’s the perfect e-book for you. You could store up thousands of different book on the device because it has 4GB of internal storage and does not have a micro SD slot. This would be a key change but if we take under consideration, that the average size of an already downloaded book is small, the 4GB internal storage sounds more than enough. Not just books it could store, but documents in PDF, Word or other that you could e-mail or just read whenever you need them.

Reading on the 6-inch screen is nice and you can adjust the size of the text at any time, depending on the environment. Different from the other e-books and the previous model, this one adapts to the lights and surroundings and sets its brightness automatically to optimize the presentation when transitioning from a dark space to a light one, or the other way around. The display has paperwhite technology and 16-level grayscale. You won’t have to worry about any other adjustments while reading, besides the size of the font – the rest is smartly done by the device itself.

You can always stay connected with it, no matter where you are. It supports Wi-Fi as well as free cellular connection, which is the best feature of all in my opinion. Built-in free cellular connectivity uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use, but there are no monthly fees or commitments—Amazon pays for cellular connectivity. The added convenience of cellular connectivity enables you to download books anytime, anywhere, without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot connection.

Aside from the 4GB internal storage and the lack of a micro SD card, Amazon thought about this con and added unlimited cloud space for you to store the books that you’ve already read or thought of reading at some point in future or to plan and arrange your future-wanted additions to your library. It automatically backs up your entire Kindle library free in the cloud so there’d never be a worry about losing your books. You could re-download them wirelessly at any time at no cost at all.

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