Sonos One – Home Alexa-Integrated Speaker

Lately, there are numerous additions to the smart speaker market and some of them are pretty good. It has become a tendency for top-notch speakers to have voice navigation included, which is a nice move because it’s easier to navigate them via your voice from distance rather than anything else. The well-known already Sonos One speaker, has Alexa voice integrated as well and comes at the price of $199, which is really good for a wireless speaker that’s capable of so many things.

The company said that it’s easier to use than any other similar product, but most people may think that it is just marketing strategy, rather than real fact. It is a speaker capable of also running Google Assistant, which makes it unique – it can connect to multiple assistants at the same time. Coming with good-looking design, performance, and price – the Sonos One will be definitely appreciated by music lovers.


The speaker is wireless and small, which makes it really compact, handy and perfect to carry around with you. The materials used for the build are good, as well as the positioning of the controls as well as the main tweeter. It is designed not only to be handy but to produce the sound in a perfect acoustic way, so that it could be clearly heard at the other end of the room it’s been placed at. The overall size of the product is 161.45 x 119.7 x 119.7 mm and weighs 1.85 kg.

Starting from the top, you can right-ahead see the touch capacitive keys, that serve as a controlling platform- tap to turn up the volume, swipe to skip a track and mute the microphone for privacy.LED indicates status, mute status, and voice feedback are also included. You won’t happen to use them often in my opinion because you’ll quickly fall in love with the Alexa voice control system.


On the front, there’s the big tweeter, that creates a crisp and clear high-frequency response. Above it, there’s a woofer that ensures that you’ll hear playback of mid-range vocal frequencies plus deep, rich bass. All of the features on the front are covered by a metal-mesh surface, for additional protection and because it’s the best material for top acoustic performance.On the top, above all, is the company Sonos logo, which is black or white, depending on what color your speaker is.

Moving to the back is where the non-wireless connection happens. There’s a port that could be used to connect the speaker to your router if you ever happen to. It is positioned on a wide line that goes from the top all the way to the bottom and is about 3sm. wide. It looks almost the same as the Sono Play 1 wireless speaker, and if you are not that familiar with both products, you won’t happen to find a difference at first sight.

Performance and software

Sonos One is considered as one of the flagship wireless speakers this year, providing users with perfect quality sound, many features and easy access to whatever they want. It operates perfectly with the special app for the Sonos as well as the Alexa voice one. The initial setup takes not more than 2-3 minutes and it mostly does everything on its own- you just have to navigate it through the settings with 2-3 clicks.The Sonos One app is great and brings its users to a huge variety of songs that they could choose from. Apps like Spotify, Soundcloud and etc. are all compatible, so you have the complete freedom of choice.

In terms of performance, there’s nothing I could complain about the product, except the lack of powerful and deep bass.On the other hand, the Sonos One impresses with clear, dynamic and loud sound that far outshines the Google Home or the original Echo.The One is also a mono speaker, but you can pair two of them together to get stereo sound as well as increased volume. Of course, you’re paying a bit more for the One, but $199 is a totally reasonable price for the sound quality you get here.