Reminder: The HomePod By Apple Is Coming

In June, the HomePod by Apple gained huge attention. The technology behind it quickly caught the attention of most people and since then, the product is highly expected. It should’ve been released in December, but due to marketing strategies, Apple delayed the release and it will happen just in few days!Its biggest competitors, Alexa and GoogleHome, have lots of things in common but the inventions and the way this whole HomePod is built is just phenomenal.

I personally think that it will hit the roof in terms of sales because Apple is perfect at teasing fans and they surely succeeded in June.The tubular speaker is really compact, covered in mesh fabric because of its acoustic properties. The main idea of Apple is to make it small, but really effective and with high-quality adaptive to the surround sound – they surely accomplished all those things!

Innovation in terms of design

No other speaker of this kind has such a precise engineering level and effort put behind the creation. This small speaker is highly intelligent and could do whatever you want! It is designed in a way, that it can adapt to any room you place it at.It has a cylindrical body, with a 272×340 display, which lights when you activate it with “Hey Siri”. The only controls that it has are play, pause, change music and also to adjust the volume, though all those things can be controlled with the power of your unique voice!

Music lovers will fall for it

In Apple’s case, the company has designed the HomePod as a high-fidelity speaker tied to its music-streaming service, which charges $10 per month for unlimited access to a library consisting of about 45 million songs. The HomePod is supposed to be able to learn people’s musical tastes so it can automatically find and play songs that they will like. The sound quality it has cannot be compared to any model by Amazon or Google, so expect music with no distortion – just pure and amazing sound!

That’s exactly why this speaker will not have a price tag, that is close to the already discussed rivals. The price that it will start selling is $349 and the exact day that it will hit the stores is 9th of February. If you want more information about the product, check our full article about the Apple HomePod.