Samsung 2018 Smart TV’s – Perfect For You!

Smart TV’s are a not a new thing to all of us but the improvements, as any other type of technology, never stop. Of course, they are for the better and the aim of most companies is to make connectivity between the user and the TV flawless!

In 2018, Samsung TVs now connect seamlessly to mobile devices. And unlike in the years past, this interconnectedness is now simple to achieve, making content sharing and personalized recommendations the easiest!

Connectivity and easy-sharing

We’ve overcome the times of having a top-notch smart TV with countless unnecessary features. Nowadays, to get lost in a bunch of crazy menus is not what you intend to do while in front of the TV. Actually, the trend this year will be the opposite of that. With the help of the SmartThings app, you’ll now have easier access to everything you need to get set up and ready for watching your favorite show. With a few taps of the mobile app, SmartThings enables your TV to recognize your Wi-Fi connection, your set-top boxes, favorite apps and Samsung account information. If you’re already logged in to a video application on your mobile device, your TV connects to the same account without having to re-enter your login details on screen. You can quickly choose which of your apps connect in this way to your TV.

However, your smartphone is not only for TV set-up, but it can become a part of the everyday interaction with the TV.For example, you can use it to set a reminder for when the game is on. And this is a smart reminder that knows what channel the game is on and enables you to switch to it right away without having to remember what channel it comes on.You’ll even be able to use your TV to instantly share photos, which was an idea brought up by the users and Samsung took it into consideration and realization. This amazing SmartThings app will be featured in all Samsung Smart TV models and will elevate the TV streaming experience for sure.

Voice-enabled controlling

Controlling technology with our voice is the most innovative way of operating with devices. Last year there was a huge development in this aspect. This year, it will feature in the Samguns premium TV line-up and it will be powered by Bixby, which is the smart assistant platform for that. Not only will it enable you to use your voice to interact with content from various providers such as Amazon, but it will also allow you to unlock a range of other possibilities that add a new layer of convenience. You can ask Bixby to direct you to a certain channel, tell you more about the weather or just ask it a random question that you don’t know the answer to.

The SmartThings app and Bixby are a big move by Samsung and it will make the increase the offered level of virtual communication. Samsung TVs now will offer more functions and activities, which will all be useful to you, but the main idea of functioning easier remains on top. They will make you quickly fall in love with technology if that idea is new to you!