The 5 Best Games For PS4 Available

With all the gaming consoles that took flight last year, we don’t have to quickly forget the incredible PlayStation 4. Yes, there are more powerful consoles already, but it’s not the right time to throw our old PS4’s right? I mean, there are incredibly good games that are already created and you can enjoy a countless variety of games on the market, either by yourself or multiplayer.

It will last some more couple of years as a top-end gaming console, but it will vanish along all these improvements and the growth of the market. Until then, we’ll appreciate and enjoy it! That’s why I decided to point out my personal 5 best games for Sony PlayStation 4, and I think that you’ll agree with my proposals as soon as you try them, if you have not already.

1.Tekken 7

Not one “gaming list” can go without the presence of a fighting game like Tekken! It is not just a basic game but is similar to the rest of the previous series because the experience is once again divided in different playing modes – including a main story mode, multiplayer battles, random arcade encounters, and practice sessions. The team of developers spend lots of thought on coming to the core of what makes Tekken a fun and lasting experience: the fighting.

For those that love a good one-on-one 3D fighter, Tekken 7 still delivers the same repetitive, but addictive, gameplay we’ve all come to know and love from the series. Because the genre is built on mastering a character’s diversity, Bandai Namco continues to offer a huge selection of playable characters to choose from and become the expert of, which ensures low odds of running into another person who solely plays Heihachi, for example.


The story of Bloodborne is at first sight brief, but yet very deep and meaningful at the same time. That sounds like an odd blend, but it’s one that works remarkably well as you find yourself playing in its perfectly created, digital world. If you haven’t played the game, then I’ll try to describe what it is about in a few words.You are a Hunter and upon arriving in Yharnam, you discover that it is a city plagued with an epidemic which has mutated its citizens into violent, wandering, tormented, horrifying creatures. Though they may be the least of your worries because ferocious beasts also plagued the area.

Soon upon the arriving into the city, you encounter a strange wheelchair-bound man going by the name of Gerhram, who’s a part of a realm called the Hunters Dream. He offers you a quest to find a cure for the citizens of Yharnam and to slay the beasts that populate, but the more you undergo the task, the more you uncover the disturbing truth and all that you see before you, might not be what it first seems. A greater power known as The Great Ones lead to the truth behind that plague that torments Yharnam, but will you survive long enough to save the city and uncover the truth? It all depends on you, your patience and mostly – your gaming skills!

3.Ratched & Hank

Ratchet & Clank is one of Sony’s most recognizable franchises, so it came as no surprise when a game in the series was announced for PS4. However, Ratchet & Clank on the PS4 isn’t a completely brand new adventure, but rather a remake of the original PS2 game, with some major changes to make it more in line with the Ratchet & Clank feature film. I really miss the old times and the incredible PS2 games that we could enjoy. Too bad that they stopped the support of this highly important of the current development level console! However, back to the topic, Ratchet & Clank film bombed at the box office, but the game was fairly received by fans, and it will be interesting to see if this re-imagined Ratchet & Clank universe is expanded on in sequels.

4.Gran Turismo Sport

GT Sport will mark the beginning of the second gen Gran Turismo Series, which brings the fact that no list can go without including a racing kind of game. What is good about this game is that Gran Turismo Sport feels more focused than many of its predecessors, particularly if your priority for a racing game is its online & multiplayer features.

Technically speaking, Gran Turismo Sport is incredible at its own kind!The car-feel is utterly fantastic, and previous versions’ messy mix between old versions of cars.GT Sport looks great, too, especially when upscaled to an approximation of 4K on a PlayStation 4 Pro. However, there’s no dynamic weather or track evolution, but those are small and unimportant aspects, comparing to the gameplay.

5.Grand Theft Auto: V

Definitely, the best game, in my opinion, is the Grand Theft Auto: V. Everything about this phenomenal game is simply amazing! From the gameplay to the graphics, physics, sounds, storyline and so on. There’s nothing that I can complain about this game… I really love that they did something really different – they added 3 characters that you can play simultaneously in the already familiar – Los Santos (real-life Los Angeles).

If brings all the things that a GTA game must have, along with the feel and nostalgia about the good-old San Andreas. You can still see gang members of Ballas/Grove street around the block where Franklin lives. Countless of different things are added and you can literally do anything in the game, but the most that you can do is to enjoy the incredible plot and gameplay! It is totally worth the spend time, money and nerves and is my favorite game that’s been released in quite a long time, after CS:GO.