Google Bringing AR To The “Chrome” Platform

At some point in near future, Google will bring to us AR to the worlds biggest surfing platform and software, the Chrome. This interesting concept was shared a few days ago and I find it really great! That way media organization, designers, engineers and other creative figures would be able to virtually make 3D objects, post them into websites for viewing on desktop, and make them downloadable on mobile phones so that users could place those objects into their real world surroundings and have a better perspective of what this “model” exactly will look like in reality.

The company shares details on how the project will be powered and it will consist of a software for 3D model creation and viewing called Article. It will display the ideas as interactive images, that you can drag to rotate with the help of your mouse. When put on the desirable webpage, the model could be animated similar to a GIF and the user will have to use the scroll wheel to rotate it around and get a better perspective of the 3D model.

In the next few months, there will be hundreds of millions of Android and iOS devices that are able to provide augmented reality experiences — meaning you’ll be able to look at the world through your phone, and place digital objects wherever you look,” writes Reza Ali and Josh Carpenter, who work on user experience on Google’s Daydream WebXR team. “To help bring this to as many users as possible, we’ve been exploring how to bring augmented reality to the web platform, so someday anyone with a browser can access this new technology.”- Google

To me, the idea sounds great and the first thing it will be helpful to, that comes up to my mind, is education. Kids will surely be fascinated by this and it will be a different method of studying, which may turn out to have a positive effect on them. We wouldn’t be able to know, as soon as we try it. The team of Google developers works hard on the project and I truly expect it to arrive soon for all of us.

It will be also helpful in the sphere of entertainment, medicine and etc., depending on how we decide to use it and whether it would gain the needed attention, but I guess that it will quickly cope with that. Google itself has millions of die-hard fans and enthusiasts that will quickly support the idea and even more millions of Chrome fans, from all ages, that will be astonished by how the whole thing works. By completing this idea and making AR work on mobile browsers, Google will easily be able to maintain its current platform advantage and will easily compete with its rival – Apple. It’s also in Google’s interest to prevent AR from becoming an entirely app-based technology on mobile, as that will restrict Android users from any AR experiences and they will lose profit and users from that, so this move is not only innovative but great strategy as well!