Most Awesome Smartwatch Of 2018!

Last year we’ve seen awesome smartwatches, that gave a start to a chain reaction of more and more money-worthy watches of this kind. From Apple and Samsung, we’ve seen some of the most innovative and advanced wearables and I’m sure that they’ll jump to another level in the following 11 months, that are left from 2018.

However, in the following article, we’ll get our eyes on a similar product, that comes from a company that is not all hype and that tries to supply the users with more casual-looking smartwatch with all the features needed in a such. With the help of Karl Konrad, we’ll be thankfully able to see the Mobvoi Ticwatch E from all angles and to witness all the great possibilities it brings along.

The Design

When looking at this smartwatch, you’ll never tell initially that it has all these capabilities. Most certainly you’ll not be able to distinguish it, if it is placed among other analog watches. That’s kind of cool because it gives you the freedom to wear it with whatever you want and will not restrict you from any fashion choices. Similar to other Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches it has a button that is used as an “action” one, so it’s the main one for navigating the whole device. With one click you perform an action, while with 2 clicks you open up the built-in Google Assistant, that brings a whole new set of can-be-performed interesting actions.

When compared to the Ticwatch 2, we can see that the Ticwatch E is stripped down in a few better ways. The so-called “tickle strip” has been removed and that lets users scroll through the interface by sliding a finger along the side of the watch, similar to the Apple Watch itself. And, one of the best things in terms of design, is that this watch has been build by using basic materials, as its body has been of polycarbonate and the watches upper has been covered in anti-scratch glass making it last more and look better for a long time.


In terms of performance quality, I have to say that the watch is definitely worth the price of $145. With the MediaTek dual-core processor, it will give you a wide field of actions and things that you can do with/on it. On the inside, there’s also 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage, so you have plenty of space for the desirable apps and music that you’d like to listen while training or just spending free time.

It is really quick, due to all those components inside and operates really smooth and with ease. Unlike some models on the market, the Ticwatch E includes both a microphone and speaker, so you can freely take calls if you’re in a Wi-Fi supported room.

This cheap and awesome watch is compatible with both Android and iOS, which means that there’s a huge chance that your smartphone supports it. What is cool though, is that it has a specially created app that you can use to track your physical activity and stats. It has a built-in GPS system, that can be used to track your running length, steps that you’ve taken and calories burned, while freely working out.

Runtastic and Google Fit are some of the apps that you can download as well on the device, as it has enough power to smoothly run them and internal storage to store them. What is more is that this watch can detect your heart rate and collects the results, so you can trace your health status and performance at all times chronologically. Don’t fear to sweat intensively while wearing it because it has an IP67 rating, which basically means that it will survive a downpour of sweat or splashes/rain, making you concentrate on the training, instead of wondering whether your smartwatch will survive to the end of the session.