Xbox One Controller For Sony PlayStation 4

What happens if you have been playing on an Xbox One for a long time and decide to switch to Play Station 4 for any kind of reason? Wouldn’t you feel like you’ll have to stick yourself to the new control system of the console, because of the big differences in terms of design and use?

Well, for such gamers I have some good news! Recently, an Xbox-like controller has been licensed by Sony and set off to sale, which automatically fixes that problem. Of course, the quality is not the same as the joypad of the Xbox One, but the design and feel of the product is almost identical to the original one, so you’ll have an easier time of getting used to the new console and you won’t have to go through all the practice to become the same level gamer as you were on the Xbox One.

What’s with the design of the controller?

When you initially look at the controller, you won’t tell any big differences to the original one. As soon as you start using it, however, you may experience some slight differences, but they’ll be more easy to overcome, than having to change the whole concept of the console controller that you’ve been used to for years. What I mean, is that you may find some of the buttons a bit stiffer than the ones on the Xbox One joystick.

This controller goes by the name ONYX and is actually wireless, which makes the idea even crazier. The thing that you’ll most probably dislike, is that it is more narrow than the actual one, which means that the way you hold it wouldn’t feel as natural as you’ve been used to. Another key disadvantage is that it lacks the presence of an audio-jack, which means that you’ll have to use speakers or a wireless set of headphones, as you wouldn’t be able to connect your wired headphones anywhere on the joypad.

Buttons and reviews from users

As I mentioned above, the buttons feel kind of more stiffer than those on the actual one. This is understandable, but I think that this is a problem that’s easy to overcome and in future, they may loosen up, as you’ll click all of them thousands of times, so I guess that this is a problem that’ll be fixed with patience and practice. However, another key thing that has to be mentioned is that the grips on this one are great! They have a premium matte finish, which means simply that a little bit of sweat wouldn’t reflect on your gaming performance/experience.


Here’s a saying from a user, who decided to leave a review in the comment section:
Great pad, build quality is on par with the official pad. If you prefer asymmetrical sticks this is definitely for you. Sticks are slightly looser than the official pad but are very good, thumbs don’t slip off these when holding down the L3/R3 like mine sometimes does on the official pad. Buttons, triggers, and d-pad are good… Triggers have slightly less travel than official pad which can be an advantage in some games.”

I guess that the fact that most people leave awesome reviews about the product, means that they think that the investment of $60 for such a pad is a great one, so you wouldn’t know best until you try out, too! If you are in a situation in which you will have to transfer from the legendary Xbox One console to the top-selling PlayStation 4, then you’ll greatly benefit from this unusual and yet great controller!