The Cheapest Smartphone On Amazon – What’s It Like?

When we hear the word “smartphone”, most of us instantly think about those pretty-looking and full of features top-end smartphones, and we actually forget the main purpose that the phone has to serve us – to make calls and do plenty of simple/non-simple things. We live in days when we only accept the incredible additions and we put aside the cheap ones, as they are only made for people who are new to smartphones at all.

In the next few lines we’ll discuss a device that is of this kind and is actually the cheapest smartphone on Amazon that you can get your hands on. It has a big percent of the things that a normal smartphone has, but judging by the price, it is expected from it to not support iris/fingerprint/facial recognition and all of these sophisticated-sounding things included.

What is this phone?

Well, this device is actually a phone that is produced by Alcatel and has the name “Ideal”, which really suits the price of $49.99. Tell me, when was the year that you’ve got a device for a price like this? I mean, honestly… for this price tag the smartphone works really well and is great for primitive things and, hey – you won’t regret it when you drop it face-forward to the ground and crash the whole screen, right?

Does it work well?

Actually, yeah, I think that it works well. It depends on your needs and preferences on whether you’d like it or not. If you are not one of those people who expect it to have everything and forget that it is the cheapest device on Amazon – then you’ll most likely not fall for it. It operates on an old version of Android and it does it a bit slowly, so you have to arm yourself with patience when performing things on it.

It supports 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, it has a camera and a well-sounding sound speaker, so you can feel free to watch videos online and listen to music on your headphones. It has DirectTV and the ability to load non-heavy games, which means that it would be great to fill your time when waiting at a queue or something like that.

Is it worth it?

Having to be honest, I’ll say that it is actually worth it. For this price you can’t get any better than a replica phone of a top-end device, that will most probably fall apart in 2 or 3 weeks… If you don’t expect that much from it, then you’d be pleased with the purchase. If you are new to smartphones or some of your relatives that don’t give a damn what his device is like – then it is ideal for you or her/him. Most of the new smartphones that come on the market are full of unneeded and sophisticated apps that you’ll most likely never happen to use. Also, if you are one of those people who quickly happen to break their devices – it will be again ideal for you! At least you won’t regret having it lost, broken, water-poured and etc.