Are Cellphones Causing Cancer?

Ever since cell phones became so popular among the society, there have been rumours that they cause different health problems to the users, who constantly keep them nearby. The idea of harmfulness comes from the waves that cell phones produce when being used to talk and in general for sharing data at all times.

One of the problems that is considered to be done by cell phones is the cancer disease. Many people claim that these gadgets surely have an impact on our health and we shouldn’t be always in touch with them, and I do agree. Not only because of physical health, but they interfere with our┬ámental health as well – we are already addicted to them. In the next few lines, I’ll bring you up the latest study on whether they are harmful to people, or not at all.

How may they be causing cancer?

It is known to us, that cell phones work with radio waves that are being sent back and forth to satellites, which enables us to communicate with people all over the world. Those radio waves are some kind of radiation that therefore causes cancer to be developed in our body, which endangers thousands of lives. The question is, to what extent are they dangerous for us and how bad they affect our health? Are those radio waves that bad and the biggest cause of cancer development?

How bad are they for us?

They surely interfere with our health, but it is yet unknown to what extent. Scientists performed different experiments on rats and the results were somehow interesting. First, yeah, some rats did develop cancers which is an indication that those radio waves really have an impact on our health. But the interesting thing is that those that developed cancer lived more than those that didn’t develop it… sounds crazy right?

The problem, in my personal opinion, that we should look at is that those rats really developed cancer. The fact that they lived more than the others is something that we shouldn’t care for because we are completely different from those animals. If cancer does not kill them in one year, it will kill a human being for sure if not being treated.

Scientists couldn’t measure the “cause” level of how bad cell phones affect us, as there is not enough evidence to put it in “probable” or “definite” category. This doesn’t mean that the agency didn’t found it risky, that surely is not the case, it just is unknown to what extent it is risky for now. I hope that scientists clear it up in future, and we should stop being so dependant on gadgets. Like all things on this planet – when you overuse something, it becomes dangerous for you.