How To Stop Bixby On Samsung Galaxy S8/S9

So, speaking from experience, I can honestly tell you that sometimes I find Bixby a bit distracting and useless. For sure it has lot to be upgraded, but what I hate most about it is that if you press the button unintentionally you’ll get directly thrown to the app itself, which is making me angry at times. I don’t like the whole idea of making this button a dedicated one, instead of making it a shortcut for other also useful apps, like the camera, calendar, calculator and etc.?

The volume buttons are too close to it as well, which may lead to even more confusion. What can you do in order to fix all those problems? The first thing that comes up to my mind is to turn it off, as I don’t even use it. How to do it is the question and is it possible to make this button dedicated for another application? I’ll answer you below.

How to fully stop it

Fully stopping Bixby means that you’ll cut off all actions performed by the software, which is exactly what I’d love to do. In order to do it, you’ll have to disable both Bixby Home and Bixby Voice features. It is really simple – just go to the settings and press the gear icon. Inside that settings menu is a simple toggle for whether you want your Samsung phone listening for Bixby requests. Once you turn it off, you’ve eliminated the bringing up of Bixby.


How to stop the key from working

From the home screen, hit the Bixby button to bring up the main Bixby app. (You can also get here by holding down the button and saying “Bixby settings.”) At the top right, you should see three icons: a globe, a gear, and the traditional three-dot hamburger menu. Tap the gear icon, and then turn off the “Bixby key” option. Simple, isn’t it?

How to make the button dedicated to another app

Well, this is the most helpful thing that I’d be able to give you for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9. There is some software that does all this for you. You can find different apps for free in Google Play, like bxActions, Bixby Button Remapper or Custom Bixby Button. If you install one of these it will enable you to use the Bixby Button as a shortcut for one of your favorite features of all!