No Rumors! The iPhone 8 Plus RED Is Here!

Many of us have been waiting and spying on the new release of the iPhone 8 Plus RED. Not only because of the colour of the phone but because of the whole design and the appreciation of red colour among fashion icons and the public. In today’s era it is fashionable to stuff your wardrobe with clothes and merchandise coming from Supreme, so Hypebeast fans would love the device for sure.

It is a good combination of colours – you can never go wrong with red and black into one. Not only the looks are good but the very cause of releasing the phone in this colourway is good, but I will get into details in a minute. Let me know honestly what you think about the phone, its concept and design and be honest on whether you’d spend $950 on it, or you just think that there are better proposals for this money amount.

How does the phone look like?

On the interior and exterior (hardware) there are no vast changes, except the very colour and beautiful contrast. Everything has been kept the same – the display, back, materials and build quality. Facing the front of the device, you’ll see that the bezel and the whole front actually is black, while the rest of the phone, on the sides and on the glass back, has been red coloured. This combination has been always treated as a premium one and it surely looks sophisticated and I understand why it gained such an interest among the youth and people who are very likely into fashion.

Like I said, there is a tendency that Supreme clothing is becoming more and more appreciated. The phone is in the same colour gamut and if I got to be honest, I do not know any Supreme fan that has ever used a Samsung device, or anything other different than an iPhone. It is something like a culture in which this RED iPhone 8+ fits in perfectly. The phone stands out and its brightness surely attracts the views, so when you are going out with such a device, expect people staring at you for a reason!

What’s the cause behind the RED iPhone 8+?

The RED is a colour that has been a symbol of fighting AIDS and that is exactly what is the cause and campaign of creating this iPhone 8 Plus RED. When someone makes a purchase, no matter if it is from Apple website or stores, he or she instantly contribute directly to the Global Funds for AIDS-fighting and curing. These are things that we should see more often on the market and such causes are the little things we should admire and continue to do.

Technology is something that should not divide us, but instead makes us close and help us find solutions, rather than making problems. The bad thing nowadays is that we are not using technology properly and we are self-harming not only us but those who will inhabit the earth after we finish our paths here. I am not sure what kind of percentage from the whole amount goes to charity, but the good thing is that not only you will get the device you wanted to get your hands on, but you will know that you’ve done something useful, so, therefore, your choice will never be regretted!