Fitbit Ace Fitness – Track Your Kids Health Status

Good news for parents and their beloved kids – Fitbit is launching a brand new tracker for fitness activity and it is called Fitbit Ace. It will in 2-3 months at a price just under $100. This way parents will be aware of their children health and will track which aspects they should improve.

This Fitbit Ace has a new family account feature, that will give parents control over how their kids use the tracker and are compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA. Parents must approve who their child can connect with via the Fitbit app and can view their kid’s activity progress and sleep trends, the latter of which can help them manage their children’s bedtimes and overall health.


Following the tendency nowadays, it will use a technology that’s known to us already for a while. It will automatically calculate steps and start/stop the active sports sessions, or intensive walking. It will even remind your kid to get up and spend some active time, as it can detect for how long its been still. By default, Fitbit Ace has been programmed to set a reminder when detective 60 minutes of laziness for kids in line with the World Health Organization’s recommendation that children between the ages of five and 17 get an hour of daily physical activity per day. For adults, it is only half an hour.

I really love and enjoy the idea that they’re considering the making of technology that’d be useful not only to adults but to kids as well and is related to health and lifestyle. That’s what all scientists and developers must take into consideration and don’t forget to use technology for good things! Fitbit’s new child-friendly fitness band will be available in blue and purple, is showerproof, and should last for five days on a single charge, so special props to the company for this great project!

We, as the ones with common sense, should be playing the role of main observant and parents shouldn’t rely as much on technology as they should on themselves. They are those who know the kids better than anyone and they are those that are mainly connected with the very life of the kid. What Fitbit is trying to do is just an effort to help with the solution of the problem with the tripled obesity among children for the last 50 years. I definitely think that this watch is helpful and people should consider getting a device like this for themselves – it is a cheap, smart and important investment! If this particular smartwatch is not appealing to you, then head online and seek for options like Nabi Complete, Vivofit Jr. by Garmin and others.