Nokia 3310 (Classic) vs New Nokia 3310 (2017) – Crash Test

The most indestructible, undead, strong and everlasting classic sooner this year had its revival and it turned out as a perfect second version of it. The well known to all of us Nokia 3310 is my all-time favorite phone because back in the days when cellphones were not that sophisticated, the industry’s main idea was to create a phone that could last forever and was worth every single penny and model 3310 did the best of all out there! This year Nokia brought on the market several good additions, The revival of this icon was highly welcomed by its fans and it instantly brought up the question “Is it as durable as the old one?

What’s the difference?”. Well, it is more than easy to say it – yes it is durable and really close to the legend, with some understandable for the time-gap upgrades. Nokia 3310 has fans worldwide and recently a YouTube vlogger, who works for the channel, did a crash test from 1000feet to see which will perform better. Christian tied up a brand new Nokia 3310(2017) and a classic Nokia 3310 to a drone, got them up in the air on 305meters height and remotely released them as they approached the concrete.Take a look at the following video to see which one performed better.

The new Nokia 3310!

The 2017th version came with far more updates from the version that was originally released 17 years ago in 2000. Back in the day, phones were used to just make a call or send a simple message. This model is close to design to the legendary one and has a long battery life, so you can use it for more than 3-4 days without charging. If you need to refill the removable 1200 mAh battery you can use any Micro-USB charging device.It has an internal storage of 16MB, but you could add some external with the SD Card that supports up to 32GB.

You could use the storage for MP3 songs and even listen to music to it with a headset that comes with the package. The coolest feature is that it has a 2MP camera for simple snaps and Bluetooth that you could use to transfer data. This project is a perfect representation of how the cellphone industry has changed for the last 17 years in a way that I’d never imagine as I was growing up. Nokia did also well on throwing us back to the past with updating the most well-known arcade game ever – Snake!

Personally, it reminds me instantly of the old version, so I could say that the company has done their job well with continuing the legacy of this model. For the price of $50, you get a phone, that gives you everything you need in a phone.

All in all, I have to say that I like the idea that it does not support Wi-Fi because that way you will be more focused on that phone in your pocket. You are restricted from the “privilege” to use social media and you will actually be able to pay attention to those around you.This will fulfill the idea behind Nokia’s slogan “Connecting people.

The old version still remains the heavyweight champion in terms of strength and durability!