HTC U11 – HTC’s 2017 Flagship Smartphone

We’ve almost covered all top-selling phones of 2017, but the list feels incomplete without mentioning the innovative and creatively designed, created and fully engineered HTC U11. It is a smartphone that is lots of ways different to other top-selling brands, crossing the line in terms of creativity but still remaining up to the standards of smartphone users. It has similar looks to its rivals, but that’s commonly seen and is what is known also as stereotypes.

The design is unique, responsive and pretty rich looking. Not only the design, but the hardware, counted in numbers, inside is catching the attention at first sight.As expectedly, it comes in two versions – 64GB and 128GB. The difference between both in terms of RAM storage is easy to predict – only 2 GB (4GB RAM on the 64GB version and 6GB on the 128GB one). A pretty high-quality camera is included as well, and the battery life is as nice as we’d expect it to be.


HTC company made it’s quick name into the phone business and never disappointed its fans. They always try to come up with good ideas, innovations and we only have to admire their efforts. Engineers and the team that designed the whole smartphone deserve to be mentioned and it is obvious that they put whatever they had into finalizing this project!

On the front, the phone has a 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with 2560 x 1440 resolution and 534 pixel-per-inch. It gives one of the best looks that you’d find in a smartphone, which is the second favorite of mine after the Galaxy S8 by Samsung. The screen has really thin bezel frame, which adds to the presentation and clarity of images. The Liquid Surface design manages to offer two colors at once, with somewhat transmitting from black to green or black to purple, depending on what color scheme your phone is and what angle you look at it.

The backside is where you can mostly see what I’m particularly talking about, with the shiny surface showing the true colors of the phone. It comes in Solar Red, Ice White, Sapphire Blue, Amazing Silver and Brilliant Black colorways, with the Solar Red being my personal favorite! When you look at the back of the smartphone, you can clearly see how it shifts from gold to red, which is an incredible combination in my opinion! What concerns me most, is that it will easily scratch on the backside, so you’d have to wear a protector, that will cover the best feature in terms of design.

Performance and specs

Performance has been the key feature that HTC always tried to run after, and they mostly succeed with the pursue, which is the case with the U11. The powerful octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor, that’s clocked up at 2.4GHz, supports the high-speed performance, along with the Andreno 540 GPU inside. As I’ve already said, the phone comes in two versions 64GB/128 GB with RAM storage of 4GB/6GB. You won’t surely remain disappointed after the use of this smartphone because it surely gives any innovation we’ve seen already, as well as some we’ve never seen until now.

The HTC U11 smartphone is one of the first Android phones that support Amazon’s Alexa Voice integration, as well as something that the company innovated – it’s called Edge Sense. It’s a new method to control and navigate your phone with squeezing it’s sides, due to the fact that it is pressure-sensitive there, and with different techniques, you open up commonly used apps, but we’ll get into that further. Let me first show you an almost-complete list of the most important specs.

-2.45 Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-Core Processor

– 6GB RAM With 128GB ROM

– 5.5 Inch Quad HD Display

– 12MP HTC UltraPixel 3 Rear Camera With Dual LED Flash

– 16MP Front Cam

– Bluetooth 4.2


– USB-C Audio

– WiFi

– Fingerprint

– 3000 MAh Battery.

Camera and battery life

The 12MP main camera has impressive multi-axis optical and electronic stabilization system and super-fast autofocus in all lighting conditions make the camera quick, your pictures sharp and videos smooth.This stabilization could be found really helpful while taking motion pictures and it will restrain you from taking blurry and shaky photos.

The camera and video have more dynamic exposure range with HDR Boost without the lag, new white balance enhancement, a major reduction in noise, and excellent detail preservation. HTC U11 introduces Auto HDR Boost to give you all the benefits of HDR without the lag. HDR Boost offers clearer, more balanced pictures by taking multiple shots that measure the darkest shadows and brightest highlights without any slowdown. HTC U11 enhances textures and colors, increases visible detail and brings out the best in every shot.

The stamina of the 3000mAh battery is also performing well and will most definitely support you through the whole day, with you having to charge the phone only at night while sleeping. The process of charging won’t take too much, not more than an hour for a 100% charge.