Tesla Model X – Taking Police Cars To A New Level

From the past few years, we have seen incredible inventions and great ideas when it comes to the automotive industry. This year of 2018 is no different and it looks to me that it will be a pivot point of drastic changes to many aspects of our society. At the Detroit annual exhibitions, there were shown awesome concepts of vehicles and about-to-be-released models on the market. All of them were purely amazing, but one company always catches my attention when it comes to innovation…

Yes, I am talking about Tesla. Elon Musk always surprises his audience with innovation and never seen technology and he’s simply great at it! Apart from the big SpaceX project, that has a big importance to all of us, he shed light on another big idea that will be of great help to the community. He plans to transform the idea of police car chases into fast and silent ones with the help of one of his Tesla models.

What’s the model?

At the Canadian International Auto Show, that was held in Toronto a few days ago, the Ontario Provincial Police showcased its own and unique Tesla Model X. This car is specifically designed for chasing purposes and shows is the future of law enforcement, as the OPP department sees it. It is way quieter and incredibly quick, compared to any other potential runner cars.

This Model X has plenty of lights, sirens and different features, which will be of great help to any cop that’s behind the wheel, as it retains the black & white colorway and OPP badging. Sergeant Kerry Schmidt, from the Ontario Police, says that the unveiled concept is a generous donation from his great friend, which means that not a single Canadian Dollar has been paid to source this great machine, which actually is valued at price higher than $100,000 USD.

Will it be in departments soon?

Unfortunately, this Tesla X model won’t hit departments in near future, as it is not rated for pursuit duty yet, which will take some time to do. For now, it will remain only a marketing vehicle, but Sgt. Schmidt says that his department wouldn’t be against the making of the idea of a Model X police vehicle actually come to life.

It will be also a big move to making the world a better and cleaner place, as the Tesla models have the reputation of being the most “green cars” out there – they fully run on electricity. The models that most police departments use now are on gasoline, which is funny to compare to electricity when it comes to ecology.