How To Protect Your Smartphone In Cold Weather?

Real phones, that were trendy 15 years ago, were made to survive even a nuclear attack. Ever since phones turned into SMARTphones, they no longer have a top-priority to be eternal. One of the things that smartphones are not meant is the cold weather because they’ll start experiencing different problems that’ll bug you out. Such are ike shutting off, shortened battery life, display problems or even the cold might cause your screen glass to shatter.

That’s why we’ll discuss this topic in the following few paragraphs and I’ll try to offer some problem-solving tips that you might find helpful if winter is heavy in your country. They are simple and easy to do, so if you decide to go ahead and use them, you might build some helpful habits in future that’ll save you a fortune. Also, if you have a phone that’s from the line of the famous survival guy above, then this article is certainly not for you and will waste your time. Apple fans – read carefully.

Use an effective and protective case

If you are from those people who don’t care that their hands are freezing and have to certainly use the smartphone in extreme weathers, then you might use some protective cases that are specially designed for such conditions. There are companies out there that make them and took it under consideration, so you might ask your local case-dealing store for companies like ClimateCase, Burton Antifreeze or Salt Cases, all of which design such protective covers.

ClimateCase uses insulated neoprene to keep the cold out. It also comes with an extra pocket for storage and it’s machine washable. Burton’s case also uses insulation to keep phones warm and offers an extra pocket for cards or cash you may want on hand. Salt Cases are insulated against the cold, but use more traditional phone case style that can be kept on during use. They also have laptop and tablet designs.

Turn your device off

The most helpful thing of all the methods that we’ll discuss, is to actually turn your device off. Nothing will happen to it, when it is off and in your pocket. If you are not that dependant on your smartphone, then you can use this easily performed method to save it from any problems that the weather might cause. However, if you are expecting an important call, then the following method that we’ll discuss will be of great use for you.

Just keep it in your warm pocket

Even something as simple as keeping your phone in your pocket or bag can help shield it from icy temperatures. Keeping your phone in your pocket will also allow it to benefit from your body heat to help keep it “healthy”. If you have an inside pocket of your jacket or under your hoodie, that is under your jacket, will certainly save it from bugs. Keep it as close as you can to your body, but for your own health, keep it not close to the heart because that might cause some health problems to you, no matter that the companies deny that it’s not bad for you at all.

Don’t charge it when it’s cold

Before charging your phone, make sure that it has warmed up. If you go ahead and put it on the charger, you’ll damage the phone or its battery even further. Like all products, there is the process of “conditioning” before putting anything in the outlet. Apple warns its users for this problem, so when the company of your products warns you about a certain problem, then it is really important and threatening.