The New Gaming Atari Console – Atari VCS

During our ages of growing up, I guess that most of us were crazy about gaming and I really miss those days when we speculated what the future of games would be like. Now I am glad that I have the chance to witness in which direction is gaming headed. What I can see is that not only is it developing with the speed of light, but gamers have the tendency to go back into the past with some consoles and retro games that bring nostalgia feeling in first sight.

Maybe this is why Atari chose to go with the strategy of releasing a console that brings the same feels to fans of the company. It is one of the pioneers of gaming related technology and I won’t forget the Atari 2600. We’ve heard a lot of speculations about new Atari console back in 2017 and now we are sure when the console will release and under what name will it be.

So, the console will be showcased after hours at the Game Developers Conference 2018 along with some other prototypes of Classic Joystick and Modern Controller, while the preorders of the new Atari VCS will be available in April. After a few weeks we’ll be able to preorder the console from the manufacturer website, so gamers should start saving up money from now!

The Atari VCS has some kind of a throwback look that reminds me actually of the classic 2600 console, that I’ve mentioned above. It is coming in a similar colorway and the details are screaming 1970’s. The legendary and retro striped design along the whole console grabs the attention at first sight and I think that it helps in terms of ventilation, but I am not sure. What it mainly differs from the 1970’s model is that it is 3 times thinner and it doesn’t look like a radio. Also, the buttons are not physical, but rather capacitive and located on the front retro-wood lid.