5 Must-Have Accessories For PS4!

It can be easily said, that Sony’s line up of PlayStation consoles is the best of all time. They definitely had a huge impact on making games what they are today. From the very first PlayStation, their intention was to be the best and now decades later they are still on top. It is surely not luck, but they did made a huge effort in order to accomplish all those things they did.

The PlayStation 4 is the most selling console ever since its release in 2013, and tons of manufacturers tried to come up with different accessories that would make the console even better than its original state. Some of those manufacturers did well, others not that good, but they are constantly pushing the birth of new ideas, which is key and is always helpful. New ideas bring the essential competitiveness and rivalry between big companies, and this always results in a positive way!

Due to all this variety of product that gamers can choose from, I have decided to point out the five best PlayStation 4 accessories, that all gamers should have in their sets! They are not that expensive but could be of great use, so I suppose that you’ll definitely fall for at least 2 out of those 5 items on the list. Let me know in the comment section which one appealed to you the most, or if it happens by luck that you have one of those in your gaming set – drop a quick comment on how it works!

Coming up with the five must-have accessories was hard for sure, and that’s why we should give props to the YouTube channel of UrAvgConsumer, who came up with the brilliant idea of such a vide. Some of the described items (controllers & their add-ons) I have discussed a while ago in my article about the top 5 controllers for PS4 of 2018, so make sure you check it out if interested as well!

Power A Charging Stand

I know it by heart that most gamers are not organized at all. They may organize their gaming tactics, progress and gaming-relating aspects, but when it comes to real life – they enjoy a full mess. If you are constantly searching for your PlayStation 4 controller, then you are probably one of those messy people as well. If that’s not the case and you are highly organized at everything, then you’ll love this product!

No matter what’s the case with you, in both variants you will definitely make great use of this cheap and effective Power A charging stand, that is keeping your controller in place, charging and ready for gaming at all times! Why spend half an hour searching for a controller, when you can spend it playing your favorite game?

This small and efficient charging stand costs less than the shipping fee. You can get it from Amazon for $1.09 and is the all-time cheapest product that I’ve ever reviewed! Don’t let the price fool you that it is not of high quality, but rather should you know that it has been officially approved by Sony, meaning that it went under their observation before hitting stores, so that they make sure that it works perfectly and does not embarrass the console by Sony.

The Power A Charging stand keeps your PlayStation 4 controller in place and charges it until it hits maximum battery. All you have to do is connect the charging adapter to the micro USB port on the joystick, set it on the stand and click down to see the LED base light up to indicate charging level. When fully charged (~1.3h.) just click it to stop the charging process and simply leave it on the stand.

Seagate 4TB Hard Drive

It has been 5 years since the first PlayStation 4 was released, and I will not believe it if you say that you’ve been playing the same bundle of games that you did when you initially got it. Most gamers rather spend hours of gaming and they switch between a couple of different games, some of which they quickly get bored from. At one certain point, your PS4 will get stuck from games in the library section.

This is when you will need an increase in the internal storage capacity, memory card or just an external drive. The best option, in my opinion, is the external drive, as it is really suitable for carrying around, mounting and offers the biggest storage capacity. If you are in high need of such a product, then the following proposal is just for you!

Searching for a hard drive may be hard, so I will make it as easy as possible by just throwing at you the best option out there, coming at a crazy price. You can expand the memory of your console with the Seagate Backup Plus 4TB hard-drive. The company is big and developed enough to ensure top-end quality, at the reasonable price of $99! Of course, you can choose from other capacity options for the same hard-drive model, but the price varies and I think that this 4TB is the best of all variants.

Seagate offers 1TB ($59), 2TB ($69), 4TB ($99) and 5TB ($119). Whatever you choose it is up to you! In order to set it up, just plug the USB 3.0 jack into your console and you’re ready to go. Transfering files between both platforms is as easy as it sounds, so you should have no worries about it. If you happen to need it for your PC or MAC device, then you could unplug it from the PS4 and directly use it on the other device, without the need of reformatting! It is extremely flexible, portable and the price is just awesome for a product like this! Click here to get it from Amazon in a bunch of different colors.

PS4 Chat Pad On The Controller

What are you going to do if you are in a game that requires a lot of teamwork and communication? Yes, you can use the microphone or a headset, but some of us can not do it for various reasons, whether someone’s sleeping in the room or you just find it uncomfortable to talk & play. If you don’t use the microphone, you will use a keyboard, but this way you will have to leave the controller unattended in order do send a quick message.

However, a small and cheap gadget is solving the problem with ease. It easily attaches to your controller in the free space between the two grip handles, without getting in the way of the headphone jack or your hand rests. A cheap and easy to use alternative to a regular big keyboard is this $19 add-on that could really impact on the performance of your team! I find it really suitable and convenient to use, so props to the manufacturer for the invention.

You can click here to see more information about it and some different pictures that display it from all sides. A full review you can see below, showing the helpful add-on from all angles and sides, along with all of its features coming at the price of almost twenty bucks.

Razer Raiju Controller

You may have been expecting to see this controller in the list, as it is the favorite one to most PS4 gamers, and it is my favorite for sure! Razer is known for the constant flow of crazy ideas about different products, and they are perfectly good at working on peripheral devices. The Raiju controller is also one of those products and I assure you that not only it looks and feels good, but it is arguably the most efficient PlayStation 4 controller that you can find on the market right now!

When you take a look at the controller initially it looks as if it has been created for an Xbox One, but that is not the case. It has a very similar form, but this is an often seen thing/trend when it comes to PS4 joysticks. I think it is good and of great help for gamers who are spending a lot of time both on their Xbox and Sony console, or they are just transferring from gaming on Xbox to gaming on PS4.

The joystick feels pretty comfortable when u hold it in your hands and has an astonishing build quality. It feels natural when you hold it and I love how Razer keeps the sticks low because it adds to the ergonomics and helps with long-time gaming sessions. The sticks are covered in a rubber-like material, which is used on the bottom part of the hand-grips as well. This little feature would not let your fingers and hands slip when sweaty, which may turn out to be crucial for your gaming performance.

However, what I like most about the controller is the little control dock on the front, just under the two sticks. This control dock has some buttons that are for the vital functions and things that you would use the most when you game. Instead of distracting yourself from the game and searching for those options in the setting menu, you can silence your microphone, adjust the volume of the game, turn the controller off, or even scroll through two different presets of the controller. You can get this Razer Raiju controller for $149 by clicking here, or if you are searching for another controller then check our article about the top 5 PlayStation 4 Controllers of 2018!

Logitech G29 Driving Set

You can not see this item in the video, but I wish you could see this in real life! Playing games with a driving set is ten times more fun, than doing it with the pad. Especially if you are using a high-level set like the Logitech G29 that costs $275. Gran Turismo is one of the best racing games and I used to play it for hours a day. A friend of mine bought this gaming set a few weeks ago and man… it is godlike!

On the steering wheel, you’ve got tons of different buttons that work as shortcuts and will be of great help during an intense race. You can program them up to your preferences and you can also use the set not only for PS4, but for PC and PS3 as well.

Aside from a steering wheel, the set includes a pack of 3 pedals, working as gas, break and shift. They are of great quality and bring this aggressive look of the interior of a racing car. The set is made of good materials and the steering is fully covered with grip leather, so it does not slip in your hands. Click here to view the ad about it on BestBuy website!

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