Google Duplex AI Will Notify Us That Calls Are Recorded!

After people saw that they shouldn’t trust technology so much, there were some major changes made in how all the features actually work. Most companies are changing their company policies, rules and constantly inform users about the changes they make, consisting of the nature of the differences made, why are they made, and how exactly things work.

For me it is a bit late reaction from our side and we should’ve stood up to those problems a long time ago, but it is never too late. Google Assistant also announced that the new Duplex AI feature will notify its users that the calls they make while using it are actually being recorded. It is good to know it, but how does it help with security/trust issues?

We all know that the Alexa conversations as well as the Google Assistant ones are being recorded from a long time ago, and so what? It does not stop us from using it, nor it is making us use it less. Yes, it is good to notify people of what’s going on, but it is too much dirty work that’s being done in the background that we have yet to understand about, right?

However, the new human-like Duplex AI system is very smart and will be of high use to us, so Google should not blow their chance, as it already became a big thing and if they mess it up it will be very sad… Also, it should notify people of all countries, not only in those that are required to do it by law and because of the fact that the company may face some legal issues – it shouldn’t be that way.

For those who are not familiar with what the Google Duplex AI technology is – it is a human-like speaking robot, that has the ability to make appointments and serve you in a way, that will save you precious time. You are entering your credentials, so it is on your behalf to risk them getting stolen/sold or whatever, so think carefully whether you actually need it or you will do it because it is modern and interesting. I have said it a lot of times and I will say it again – technology should help us, not work against us for people with negative intentions!

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