Meet The Lithium Powered Electric Bike -The Super 73 Scout

In March 2016 a group of friends came up with the idea of creating an electric bigger version of a famous Californian bike – Taco Mini Bike. It basically looks like a hot-rod bike and is a style that’s having its historical revival, but in a way more modern and eco-friendly way.The team did a DIY prototype and started a campaign on Kickstarter and in just a few weeks it has earned nearly a half million dollars!

They admit that the amount of money they expected to earn was $25,000, but people saw way more potential in their job, which is totally obvious why. The retro-looking bike runs on all terrains and is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which could last about 20 miles before it has to be re-charged. You can stop the electricity and turn to pedal-riding whenever you decide to. It has a rough look, which I think that totally rocks, good tires for all-terrain and lots of other cool features!

The initial design of the Super 73 back in 2016.


Aside from the fact that it is an eco-friendly and electrical bike, we have to mention that it has quite unique features that I absolutely love! It has a retro style and an incredibly comfortable big seat, that you could rest with joy while cruising around the town. In front of the seat, there is a bottle holder, where you can put your drink, but if you don’t like it you can easily detach it, it’s not in-build.

My favorite feature of all is that it also has a bottle-opener near the holder, which is unique of its own. The front and back wide tires add to the comfort while driving through whatever terrain you decide.

Many users complain that the positioning of the seat and the creators said that they are planning to move it back a little bit. The bike is practical in terms of use but you have to consider the fact that it is not one of the lightest bikes you’ve conquered! You have to think twice before leaving it without attention because the lithium-ion battery is located under the seat and it’s easy to detach, which means that it’s easy to steal too.

2017 model of Super 73 Scout

Specs and info

The best thing is, that you won’t need any registration to ride it, and it is really close to a motorcycle, except you can ride on bike lanes and park it anywhere you want. It is cheap to maintain because it doesn’t have any complex parts, unlike motorcycles. It is controlled via throttle handle on the right side and you won’t need any fuel, just take a charger with you and you could charge it anywhere.

The bike has 2 disc brakes on the front and back and a big heavy-duty stand on the center, which leaves it to rest steadily on. A nice feature also is the rear cargo rack. You could load up the bike up to 125kg in which you have to include your weight too. It has also an LCD display on the steering, which shows your speed and battery percentage left. There are lights both on the front and rear side of the bike, for optimal safety.

The Super 73 v.2 and “EU Spec”

The company will release another two versions of the product in January 2018, which are already available for pre-order. They will have a longer battery life and speed, which on the current model is 20 mph. The price for the new versions will be $3,200 for Super 73 V.2 and $1,055 for EU Spec.

Current Scout – top speed 20mph and 20miles battery life
Super 73 v.2 – top speed 25mph and 35+ miles battery life (which is double the current and that’s why the price is so high)
EU Spec – top speed 16mph and 35 miles battery life

If you like the bike, you could order one from the manufacturer site, but bare in mind that the lights and cargo features are not included in the price, so you have you order them separately unless you buy the fully equipped S1 version, which is basically the current Scout version but combines all features in one pack.

Visit: for more information about the company and its products.