5 Awesome Inventions Seen At CES 2018

Every year, at the very first month of it, tech companies from around the world gather in Las Vegas to show off their latest efforts at the biggest gadget show of the year, formerly called the Consumer Electronics Show, or also known as CES.While the products and demos showcased at CES don’t always reflect the technology you’ll be able to buy in the near future, the show does offer some insight into where tech giants are putting their time and resources.

This year some of the biggest world companies tended to imply on the communication between smart home gadgets, the car industry showed some awesome ideas on making vehicles more personal and putting screens everywhere imaginable. Many other interesting inventions were shown off as well, which brought the idea of showing the top 5 most awesome inventions showcased there.

Honda 3E Robotic Project

Honda’s new concept robots may be just as cute as they are useful. At CES, the company showcased its 3E Robotics concept, which includes several robot companions all designed to serve different functions of their real-life owners.

Robot 3E-A18 is Honda’s social empathy robot. The company says it’s meant to represent the idea that robots can support people by providing a sense of compassion and understanding. In a demo at CES, the roving robot’s glowing face frequently changed its expression as it greeted the crowd. Honda’s 3E-B18, comparatively, is a robotic chair concept, while 3E-C18 includes cargo space for transporting materials.

Samsung 150″ TV – The Wall

According to Samsung, TVs shouldn’t have to be just one size. That’s the idea behind its new 146-inch TV called The Wall, which the company is positioning as the first “modular TV.”

Samsung says users can alter the size and shape of The Wall so that it can function as a multipurpose display. In a demo on the showroom floor, the TV displayed what looked like a smaller TV in the center of the screen, while the surrounding area was set to blend in with the wall the TV was mounted on. And since the TV uses MicroLED technology, it should be able to produce even deeper black tones and potentially infinite contrast.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 – Yoga & Carbon

Lenovo’s long-running ThinkPad lineup is getting some worthwhile new additions at this year’s CES. Both new ThinkPad computers include an incredibly vivid HDR display, a built-in physical webcam cover, and far-field microphones for speaking to Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana.

The two laptops also run on Intel’s newest eighth-generation processors.The most impressive feature by far is the laptops’ HDR support, which makes colors look bold and vivid, arguably adding much more noticeable improvements than 4K resolution. It is one of the best laptops seen at the event, and there were actually many companies that showcased their machines, which is an award-winning product in my opinion!

Movi: Video-Projecting Smartphone

As smartphone screens have gotten larger, they’ve become our go-to entertainment devices. But there are still many times in which you may want to watch movies or TV shows on a much larger screen when a TV isn’t nearby, right? That’s where the Movi smartphone comes in: The $599 Android phone includes an integrated projector that can project 720p videos on any wall at your home. It is ideal and has all the features that any Android smartphone has and even a feature that none other device has!

“My Special Aflac Duck” For Kids In Need

Many smart robotic toys are designed with education in mind. But My Special Aflac Duck has a very different and nonetheless important job – the interactive toy, developed by research and development workshop Sproutel, was created to provide comfort to children diagnosed with cancer.Children can mirror their care routines on the duck and can express their feelings through the toy by holding a circular token to its chest that prompts it to assume the corresponding emotion.

Holding a token with a smiling happy face or a frowning angry face to the duck, for example, will enable it to react accordingly. This is meant to provide a sense of companionship to children as they undergo treatment and therapy. The duck is expected to be available for children diagnosed with cancer at no cost in late 2018 or early 2019. In early 2018, it will be shipping to children at the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to undergo additional testing.