Nintendo Switch Accessories For $10!

As soon as something goes viral, especially consoles, manufacturers start coming up with tons of different accessories for the particular product. The same thing goes with the Nintendo Switch, which was released not a long time ago and quickly gained popularity, mostly among old-school gamers who used to play on one of the first Nintendo consoles a long time ago.

The problem with the Switch, however, is that there are lots of accessories, but most of them are high priced and it is not okay to pay the same amount for an accessory, that you’ve paid for the whole console. This is why I chose to give you some proposals on items for this Nintendo, that are worth not more than $10!

You may think that the price is too low and you may not be able to get anything good, but that is surely not the case. From stands to grips, headphones, and cases, you can choose between all those in the video from Kevin Kenson, or spend some time reading a thorough description of the items below!

Accessories for the Joy-Cons

-Whiteoak Joy-Con Grip

I will start this article with a product that is both simple, but highly effective when it comes to gaming performance. The Whiteoak Grip case has been made to give you additional comfort when holding the small Joy-Con. All you do is simply put the Joy-Con into the ABS plastic case, that’s been made in the shape of a regular PlayStation controller.

Some people with small hands won’t have the best gaming experience if they use the Joy-Con for sure, as it is too small for some people. This product from Whiteoak will solve this problem for just $10, as well as the one with sweaty palms if you happen to be having it.

-Ultra Thin Gel Guards

It happened to me to break my controller (not for Switch) in one of the most stupid ways. If I had a chance to avoid it I would definitely have done it, but it is what it is. The good thing for the Switch Joy-Cons is that you can save them for just $9 by using the ultra-thin gel guards.

They not only protect your controller but also offer a better grip due to the material used for the build. It is an awesome and cheap solution! You won’t have to worry that the buttons are being blocked by the protective cover, as they were perfectly engineered in order not to cause such a problem, so you’re good to go with it!

-PowerA Comfort Grip

This one is similar to the ones discussed above and it has the main idea of bringing both Switch Joy-Cons into one whole. It has been ergonomically built and is really lightweight and helpful when it comes to comfort while gaming. To make the thing work, you just have to slide the two controllers into the “rails” of the PowerA Joy-Con grip. You can make a great use out of this product for $10!

Cases For The Switch & Games

-MoKo Protective Case

Protection of the console is of the highest priority, even when you’re so angry at it and you want to throw it off a cliff! Even if you decide to throw it, then the MoKo case will protect it and you won’t have to buy another one. The all-around design will save it even from the hardest falls and I have to say – it looks pretty good! It has been designed perfectly to fit on the console and the cut-out parts for the button are granting you easy access at all times. For $10 it is one of the best cases you can get right now on the market.

-Ortz Carry Case

Not only the console is what you should protect, but the controllers and the games as well. Some games are pretty expensive, so you would not like to lose them and you can solve this by getting the Ortz Carry case for just a little bit over $10 – it costs $12! For this money, you are getting protection for your whole Switch set and you can take it wherever you want!


The Ortz case has 29 sections for games and 2 sections for Micro SD’s, as well as a big compartment for your console and controllers. It has a beautiful design, and it grants you a high level of protection, wherever you decide to take your Switch to!

Make sure you check our review on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Customization Skins, which is the best product, in my opinion, you can get for less than $10! It is a product that comes from “dbrand” and lets you customize the Joy-Cons in tons of different ways!

Special thanks to:

Kevin Kenson YouTube channel – video for Nintendo Switch Accessories Under $10